Facing the fear


Miriam Helle, Switzerland

“My client, Johannes is an artist and works temporarily as a teacher. When he was standing in front of a class he always had this enormous fear of failure and of not knowing enough. His face often broke out in a rash.
In a telepathic sound healing I “beamed” him into my work space and performed intensive sound therapy on him. I received the image of a metal beam that pressed on his belly. So I worked on removing the metal beam and suddenly I felt a heavy load disappearing. The operation was done.
Johannes told me in a phone conversation the following day that in certain moments he experienced fear and panic and a sensation of a metal beam pressing on his belly, blocking his breath and triggering a fear of ulcers. Over the next two days Johannes felt dizzy and had to throw up several times.
From then on, his fear was simply gone. He felt remarkably relaxed and regained his trust and joy in teaching – and his amazed students made comments upon his radical shifts.”