Emotional transformation


Maura Chiara Letizia Montanari, Italy

A challenging client, Raina, had an alcoholic and angry father. She was conceived by rape. She told me about childhood memories of threatening and violent scenes. After her parents divorced, Raina never saw her father again.

Following a couple of initial Soul Voice sessions I was sounding to her belly, when suddenly the sounds came out strongly, dramatically and primordially with lots of dissonance. I channelled through the sounds of the client’s horrifying memories to achieve the greatest release and healing. It was a most powerful session. Raina revealed in the debriefing afterwards that she was going to have surgery on her uterus soon because she was carrying a fibroid as big as a grapefruit!

The day after our session, she called me and told me: ‘While the doctors were doing the ultrasound scan to prepare for surgery, they found no fibroids, and they even asked me if I was making a fool of them! I spent the whole night after the session with very strong contractions, almost more painful than those during labour. I actually saw that I was losing a lot of blood, but I did not care.’

She continued: ‘After finishing our last session, I drove for the first time to my daddy’s grave’ — I had never heard her call him that — ‘I thought it was time after ten years! And I wrote him a note in which I told him that I loved him. I left the message there on his grave next to a flower.’