Effective sound healing to physical injury


Dr. Martha Renate Van Eckert, New Zealand: 

Marion had a cast on her lower arm because the wrist was broken. Her upper arm was swollen and had an alarming purple blackish colour.
I started the intuitive sounding process at her wrist, which strongly carried the effect of the shock. Going deeper I became aware of lots of different feelings and sensations: shock, aggressiveness, trauma, pain, anger, helplessness, frustration. I expressed them in various sounds and removed heaps of blocked energy. I then worked on improving the blood circulation. I also treated her healthy arm and shoulders, which carried many burdens. Finally I connected all body parts with each other energetically with sound.
Immediately after the treatment Marion expressed her arm belonged to her again and that I had made all the noises that she should have made! She felt quite emotional and realised how much she was holding back. She said that my sounding technique seemed to her almost primitive, like healers in the past must have used it.
A couple of days after the treatment she told me that she experienced the best sleep ever the night after the session. The swelling of the arm had disappeared gradually and the colour of the arm changed to become normal again.
I am amazed how soundwork has such a dramatic healing effect on a physically injured person.