Dying in peace


Valerie Moysey, Canada: 

A nurse told me about a resident, Lucy, who the other nurses and family members were at a loss to help. She was in pain despite all her medications. Her skin was so fragile that it tore with any movement of her body. She was unconscious, restless, and moaned in discomfort. Everyone had expected her to die days before.

I entered Lucy’s room slowly. Sitting beside her I asked for permission within to sound to support her highest wellbeing and got a ‘yes’. Because of the state of her skin I was unable to touch her, so I allowed myself a few minutes to tune in energetically. I sensed blocks in her heart and crown chakras. Gently I sounded over her heart while listening within: I intently observed Lucy’s

face and body for responses. Within a few minutes her aura started to clear. I continued with tender yet soulful sounds that could touch into her depths and at the same time respect the delicate sensitivity of one on the threshold between worlds.

I paused and caught my breath. I’d been sounding for ten minutes. Her eyes were now open and clear. Her restlessness had decreased. Her moans were less frequent. I resumed a light but directed sounding for her crown. The sounds were high and full of love. I sounded for another seven minutes, after which I sensed it was time to stop.

I sat with Lucy for a while to remain in our co-created field and to be present with the grace and stillness that had blossomed around her. Lucy’s eyes were shining, clear and open. The moans stopped and the restlessness was gone. I left with the sense that she would die shortly. The next morning Lucy took her last breath.