Cellular memory reprogramming for teenagers


Maria Christina Franzoni, Italy

Francesca, 17 years old, is a young woman who is in strong conflict with her school and family, to such an extent that she decided to run away from home. I became the only person she was willing to discuss her issues with, so I got the authorisation from her parents to meet with her regularly. After some coaching meetings I was finally ready to give a sound session to her reproductive system. Working on her womb, I saw a very small fetus with its umbilical cord flying away among lots of blood. It became a very touching session. Francesca cried; she felt a huge pain and sadness in her entire body. She didn’t understand what it was, just that she had experienced strong emotions that had left her weakened. We finished the session by honouring the healing that had taken place and lit a candle with a prayer.

After some days I had a phone conversation with Francesca’s mother. Having shared my experience of Francesca’s session, she revealed to me that she had had an abortion between the birth of the first daughter and Francesca. She had kept it as a secret until now.

It became obvious that Francesca had got the imprint from her mother of that guilt and shame, and that she was carrying the pain of the unborn baby in her cellular memory. Our session was the key to the unravelling process. The mother told Francesca about the abortion. This allowed Francesca to regain the relationship with her mother, to find a new place of peace within herself and to start a longer process to becoming closer to her father as well.