Body wisdom & the unknown


Isha Doellgast, Hawaii: 

My partner was experiencing extreme swelling and pain in the right lymph near the ear. He had tried a lot of different alternative therapies. I offered him an exploratory sound healing session. I asked him to tune into what he felt in the area. He said extreme pain and hopelessness. He was unable to access the core emotion and kept saying he didn’t know how it made him feel apart from being scared. I had him lie down and breathe deep cyclic belly breathes for 15 minutes. I began rocking his body, opening it up as he breathed from head to toe especially the leg area. I had him make sounds into the pain and frustration. I was drawn to his chest area the right pectoral and found a lump. He said it was extremely painful and as I pressed , he sounded. He said he had an image appear from 7 years ago when he cut his hair to go to a meeting with a business man regarding investments. He felt he had to change his appearance to be accepted. The feeling in his chest was related to the grief of not being accepted for who he is. The lumps and the pain dissolved very quickly as he sounded the grief.
Next he said he felt his right ankle begin to get numb and this numbness travelled up his leg. I had him stand up and sound into his legs, feet and root chakra. He said he felt the anaesthesia releasing from his operation 28 years before when he had a bone disease and was hospitalized for a month at age of 15 years. He sounded for 20 minutes as I matched his sounds and massaged his calves.
When he felt complete I had him lie down again. He began to have images of being in the womb and being stuck; afraid of the unknown, not feeling safe. I began to make sounds and they sounded like birthing a baby in pain, afraid to come into the world. Terry began to make sounds, experiencing the fear of birthing. He realized afterwards that when ever he tried to access his feelings, he often didn’t know how he felt because he was afraid of the unknown.
Terry was peaceful and more present for the rest of the evening and even more interactive with our son over the next few days.