Birthing with sound


Valerie Moysey, Canada

“I was invited to attend my sister-in-law’s second labour, as she wanted me to help her use sound during the birthing process. Fab braced

herself on my brother, Graham, and squeezed his and my arms with each contraction. To my astonishment, Fab, who had never intentionally sounded before, took to it like a seasoned skier to fresh powder. She jumped right in. I helped Fab find expression for the sound within her that was the optimal sound for diffusing and releasing the pain of each contraction. When she was overwhelmed by the pain I joined her in sound and guided her into the heart of her labour pains via sound trails, and asked her to follow my vocalisations. A number of times Fab spontaneously emitted low, moaning sounds which she found eased the intensity of her contractions. I was amazed by Fab. She sounded from start to finish. In one hour, with no drugs, and in just three pushes, she delivered her daughter, Sabine. Her first birth had taken ten hours, and she had received a number of drugs to help her labour. I am convinced that her consistent sounding shortened her time in this labour and allowed her to proceed drug-free.”