Birthing with sound 2


Willow, New Zealand

By the time that I arrived at R’s birth she had been in labour for what had felt like a lifetime to her. She was exhausted and was lost as to what to do from here.  The baby was posterior and unless something changed quickly the midwives were wanting her to go to hospital. It was R’s 2nd birth and she thought that the 2nd would be as easy as the first…not so! As soon as I entered the bedroom in R’s home, I sensed her exhaustion and desperation. I could hear that her sounds were coming from way up in her throat and so I immediately supported her with deep, base sounds for grounding and strengthening.  Within minutes the vibration in the room lifted and R’s strength was renewed.  I gently guided her to use her breath and sounds to bring her energy down, down, down. To use her base, primal moaning, groaning to open and expand her pelvis and cervix.  I too allowed my sounds to be guided by our intent of expanding and softening this area.  It all happened so quickly from there, within 20min the baby had turned and was ready to come on through!

To this day I really do believe that I was invited and guided to be at that birth in order to be a passionate advocate and voice-piece of sounding our children through into this world.  Sound truly is one of Spirits most precious and powerful gifts to birthing.