Being all that we are


Anne Marie Hynes, Ireland: 

My voice and I were on a journey. I searched high and low, constantly doubting my direction — something was missing. Eventually I found Soul Voice and my path became clearer, my vision, voice and world began expanding. During the practitioner training, difficulties arose. I prided myself on my natural ability to stay in tune with harmonious sounds. I soon realised my voice was ‘my thing’, my speciality which drew people in and created an instant bond between me and the listener. It was hard for me to break out of that sweetness. Once I unlocked myself from my own prison of ‘nice’ sounds, my sound journey rocketed forward. Passionately I swam in seas of off-key notes, composing my own scales born out of my own personal intentions, releasing my hurts and worries, permitting full expression of using my own unique voice. I love my voice. It has taken me a long time to take responsibility and ownership and now I fully embrace and am grateful for my gift.