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Lisa Lister, New Zealand: 

A male in his early 30s came to see me about a lower back issue. He said he felt pressure and tightness and it was muscular. He had suffered this pain for over ten years. Upon further questioning he recalled some years back when he was in his late teens, to have been the ‘cause’ of an accident which led to another person being hurt badly. He carried this guilt and continued to punish himself, and project this on to those around him: ‘I’m disappointed in myself,’ he said, ‘I have made a lot of mistakes, in brief I am irritated and stressed out all the time.’

As I was doing a spinal sound healing treatment, strong sounds of grief came through. My client had a huge release and after his body stopped convulsing, the crying became sobbing. My final sound-scape penetrated into more layers as his body twitched and moved, and the grief released more and more. His own sounds became deeper and more guttural as he connected to his own pain in the spine.

The client told me in the debriefing afterwards that he had experienced lots of walls crumbling around him, that he felt himself open as he let go of the disappointments, judgements and the guilt. He could see purple and green swirling around him. He knew this was a long time coming, he was so grateful he had been given the chance to go so deep. He had never spoken about his feelings around the accident; he had just buried them in his back. He stated he felt such a relief and was now feeling comfortable. ‘I see how my environment now has a clearer outlook,’ he stated. It was uncomfortable for him to express so many tears, as he had been brought up with the attitude of ‘get on with it’!

I saw him in a follow-up session, having giving him practices to work on after the initial session. His pain was gone and he felt ready to start a new life.