Allowing severe suppression to heal


Richardt Nielsen, Denmark

Karen has had issues of being victimized her whole life; she has also been physically abused.
When she arrived at the session, she was not at all present. In the coaching I sensed she wanted me to tell her ‘the truth’; so I knew my job was to give her back the responsibility. I started to sound through the layers to awaken her Soul. She was very touched about what happened and still she didn’t realise and feel that she had a body, a sense of complete numbness!
I gave her homework-practices to get in contact with her feelings; grief, laughter and anger exercises. Those practices were very effective and people commented upon how she really had changed.
In one of the next sessions I taught Karen how to listen to her body better, including many grounding exercises. She also found her personal tree .
As I was giving her the sound healing I realised that her thyroid was not resonating properly. As I sounded it into greater balance, I got the message that Karen didn’t want to live, a reason for being totally numb on all levels.
When I had finished the sound healing to the thyroid, she told told me, that she actually were on medication for her thyroid problem.
I then asked her to work on her Thyroid every day, giving it love and sound .
After two weeks she went to the doctor again and was tested . Her thyroid was now normal, and the doctor could not explain why.
Today Karen is working with sounds every day. She had put up clear boundaries to her family and the world around her. She left her abusive relationship, and began healing the relationship with her children. Karen worked with forgiveness, as she has not been there for them when they were young – I had a session with her recently. Harmony, strength and white light were permeating the room and her body, together with many angels!