Ability to heal through deep inner listening


Lolita Bellstar, Denmark

Illness is the body’s way of trying to be heard in a loud way — or, at least, an opportunity to communicate and listen to your cells. When I first met Karina, I could barely walk. A so-called auto-immune disorder, RA, caused my immune system to attack most of the bones in my body, leaving me with inflammation, severe pain, extreme fatigue and deep fear for the future.

I was told by doctors they couldn’t do much to help me, that I should only expect the condition to get worse. I tried the many different kinds of chemical medication the hospitals offered me without getting much better; some medicines almost killed me. Finally I received chemotherapy every six months, just to get through the day.

While living this hell I kept thinking there had to be a way to talk my immune system back into reason; that I had the ability to heal myself by talking to my cells. I just couldn’t find the language or the voice.

Then I met Karina and the Soul Voice method. I instantly felt that here was the technique that would help me find my way back to myself and the voice that would finally reach my cells. A lot of sounding, emotional releasing, reprogramming, failing and trying again followed in the next four years.

Then came the turning point. One day I had ears, inner ears. My ability to finally listen to my authentic self was a deeply surprising and beautiful experience which completely transformed my life. The moment awakened my ability to truly listen, as every cell in my body happily responded to my deepest intention: I am healthy. It took me six years to find my way back to a healthy life, with no pain, no medicine or symptoms of any kind.

When I listen to my body, respect what I hear and respond by mirroring that respect into my sounds and actions, then my body listens to me too.