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Anyone over the age of 16 can do the Soul Voice® workshops. You start with the 2 day workshop and from there go to the 5 day ASI, Practitioner Certification and so on. There is no prerequisite for the 2 day workshop.
No previous training is required for the 2 day workshop but all others do have a pre-requisite. The 2 day workshop introduces you to the Soul Voice® method and sets the tone for the courses to follow.
No other training is required.

Karina and the Soul Voice® Teachers facilitate Soul Voice® workshops in over 26 countries around the world. Click here to find the closest 2 day Soul Voice® workshop to you.

The cost depends on which workshop you are inquiring about, what country it is being held in and who is facilitating the workshop. Please contact the workshop organiser or Teacher directly for further details. Link

You must first become a Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner and have experience working with clients in a professional capacity with Soul Voice®. It takes strong commitment and determination and most who are called to become Soul Voice® Teachers, have spent years as Certified Soul Voice® Practitioners first. You can find out more about the Soul Voice® Teacher Training Program here: Link

If you wish to work with clients in a profession way with Soul Voice®, you become a Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner. To become a Certified Practitioner, first you do the 2 day Soul Voice® workshop which is an introduction to the Soul Voice® method and one of the foundational courses. The next step is to participate in a 5 day Advanced Sound Initiation, another foundational course for the Soul Voice® method and a prerequisite for Practitioner Training. In these two courses you will learn all about the method and start to use it for your own self development and healing. If you are then called to work with clients in a professional manner, you apply to Karina for the Practitioner Certification Program. You can contact the PCP organiser: Link

The short answer to this is no. The Soul Voice® method is an extremely unique and in depth modality with which you need to start at the beginning. The 2 day workshop and the 5 day ASI retreat are foundational courses to introduce you to the Soul Voice® method so that you have a thorough understanding before you undertake the intensive and extensive Practitioner Certification Program. It is not for everyone, but those who follow their calling to become a Certified Practitioner get so much more out of their training than imagined.

You can find your nearest Practitioner with the link below, but most of our Practitioners also do video and phone sessions too. Simple choose the Practitioner you most resonate with or are drawn to and contact them directly using the details on their profile. Link

Here is the link to the schedule of Soul Voice® Experience workshops. Contact the organiser directly so that they can send you a registration form.

Click on the link to see Karina’s schedule: Link

Here is the link to the schedule of 2 day Soul Voice® workshops facilitated by the Teachers. Contact directly the Teacher whose workshop you wish to join. Link

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