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Northern Rivers - New South Wales

Melissa McCormack
Take an awakening journey with me into the deep transformational power of the voice. With intuition and compassion I will assist you in stripping away your old patterns & beliefs so that you become an absolute expression of you core essence! Through my guidance, you will enhance your sense of wellbeing & connect with your own inner wisdom & powerful voice.

Phone: +61 414918142
Email: sacred.sounder@gmail.com
Web: www.embodiedalchemy.com

Perth - Western Australia

Cheryl Middleton
Soul Voice® challenged and supported me to face myself and how deeply I was resisting life. Soul Voice® continues to guide me deeper into my present self and the extent to which I am living in or out of my truth. If there are places in your life where you are not in authenticity or integrity, I offer you a gentle, compassionate space of time where you can find the courage to know and live your truth

Phone: 0487 436 011
Email: soundingtrue@gmail.com

Currumbin, Gold Coast - Queensland

Alora Waldron
My passion is working with you to co-create a sacred space that facilitates transformational healing connecting you with your souls true essence & inner wisdom. These sessions are profoundly effective & dynamic in restoring love, confidence, inspiration & full self expression. By allowing you to elegantly clear barriers, blocks & any negative programming which is limiting your whole potential from being realized you can naturally come into balance and harmony. Working to create loving healthy relationships that flourish and express beauty and joy with each other and the world.

Phone: +61 (0) 414 808052
Email: alora@me.com

Mullumbimby - New South Wales

Diane Angehrn
I love to pass on what has been given to me... A safe and nurturing place, for you to discover the power of your voice and your deep inner knowing. On this journey, I will support and gently guide you, to let go of what is no longer needed and embrace your power and freedom step by step. My passions are Soul Voice® and Authentic Movement. One on One and group sessions.
Languages: English and German

Phone: +61 0478 188 919
Email: diane@wejourneywithin.com

Byron Bay - New South Wales

Chad Beckett
I am passionate about the human voice. I love working with people to find their deep presence as a springboard to creativity in each moment. Sound has opened up dimensions in myself and my voice I never would have dreamed possible, and I can now see the vast potential for each of us individually, and collaboratively. peeeoooooooooowwwaaahhhhhh bam koon taka taka Let us awaken the deepest rumblings within us!

Phone: +61 0403 894 038
Email: chadtonics@yahoo.com

Moonta Bay - South Australia

Jenny Glover
Soul Voice® has gifted me deep personal healing and changed my life in every way. I have absolute faith that when you are ready to do this, I can support you in our sound sessions as you change and heal your life. My sessions are a co-creation with you which will bring about subtle and profound shifts in your consciousness that will impact positively and powerfully in your life. Experience the magic of alchemy with sound and intention as you transform YOU.

Phone: +61 (0) 408 930 991
Email: stevejennyg@bigpond.com
Web: www.soulradiance.com.au/

Adelaide - South Australia

Elizabeth Salna
Soul Voice® has allowed me to develop a stronger, clearer and more confident voice in daily life.I integrate sounding into my practice as a Clinical Psychologist, especially for grounding and clearing body held trauma.I invite you to join with me in the dynamic experience of a sound healing session. Deepen your connection to your heart, increase your capacity tolisten to the guidance of your soul and embody this enduring wisdom inyour ownuniquevoice.

Phone: +61 (0) 411554295
Email: salna@adam.com.au

Adelaide - South Australia

Kathryn Santospirito
A Soul Voice® session is an unpredictable adventure into your self, your sounds and your body’s innate wisdom. Can you imagine what treasures and potential you might discover on your unique adventure? Go for it! I would be honoured and excited to accompany you there.

Phone: +61 0417 710 577
Email: katspirit13@hotmail.com

Hobart - Tasmania

Dorianne Daniels
In my experience sounding, toning and intuitive singing are the most powerful ways to remove blockages in life. It will assist you to reach your goals. You will be guided to the source of pain and hidden blockages in your life that are restricting you from living your truth in every moment. I have seen many clients move beyond their personal expectations and soar in ways they only dreamed possible. I invite you to take the plunge and dive deep with me…. together we will unlock all of your potentials.

Phone: +61 0410 231 183
Email: mukulusong@gmail.com
Web: www.mukulusong.com

Sydney - New South Wales

Barbara Rae Graham
Sound has been my teacher for 25 years & Soul Voice® took my work to a new level with sound medicine techniques to meet these crucial times. Learn to recover the embodied resonance & fullness of your precious voice and journey the deep landscapes of your soul. With the principle that all sounds are welcomed with compassion, allow what arises to express, transition and flow in celebratory song. Be an energy mover and shaker, re-weaver of opposites, joy generator, peace maker & sacred activist in sound.

Phone: +61 0404 098 735
Email: barbararae@me.com

Northern Rivers, New South Wales

Cindy Wessling
We are here on this exquisitely expressive planet, in uniquely expressive forms, to experience the love & infinite possibility that we are!
Often that isn't our experience, we lose contact with who we really are. Sounding is the medicine that enables me to clear through the confusion of limiting beliefs, allowing me to re-align with truth and guidance. I would be honoured to hold a safe, supportive space for you as you discover the empowering instrument that is within you!

Phone: +61 0410 147 731

New Zealand

Nelson - New Zealand

Jeanette Adams
The passion of our life calling and our true selves is often hidden by layers of life experience. The Soul Voice® method is life changing and, through sessions, we can release pain & trauma, enabling us to interact more deeply with life and your life choices. Using the voice supports us to discover joy and fulfilment & enrich our life with the discovery of our authentic selves.
Join me on a journey of healing and self-discovery in a safe & fun environment.

mobile: +64 (0) 21 024 08018
E-mail: jeanettesoundz@gmail.com

Wellington - New Zealand

Debi Lloyd
Discover how to express your truth beyond words… creating your own unique symphony of sound. Together we can transform your world into one of awe and magic! You will liberate your healing powers and reconnect with your divine sacred resonance. Let go of those old stories that do not serve your highest aspirations and allow your magnificence to shine. Through understanding, compassionate and supportive guidance we will re-ignite the passion for your life’s yearning and feel truly alive.

mobile: +64 21 380081
E-mail: debi@esse.co.nz