Second Edition – 2018

ISBN 978-1-877 577871
216 Pages
Colour photographs throughout
New case studies
Audio CD Included.
CD – Mind Body Spirit
Music & Sound Engineering
by Kevin Clark

Published by Robert Steele Publishing,
NZ & Soul Voice International

Expression into Freedom, Hardcopy Book

Audio CD included. – Spanish

This ground breaking handbook on the human voice is a shape-shifter to your inner universe of freedom. Step-by-step Karina Schelde invites the reader to express that, which leads to a more fulfilling, resonant and authentic life-style, connected strongly to soul. The book contains a rich array of self healing practices & rituals. Trough using your voice consciously through sounding you experience what you may never have thought was possible. Being heard is your birth right! Read more

Listen to Karina guiding you into a fundamental Soul Voice® exercise: ‘Feeling is Healing’. Push play and enjoy!

Listen to an excerpt


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