by Edi Szentirmay-Ross

You could be the first magazine to do an article on an amazing book being published in Wellington by Steele Roberts Ltd. Soul Voice is the first book of its kind in the world. It has the capacity to change people’s lives and assist people to realise their true potential. Soul Voice has already captured media attention with New Zealand’s national television. The author, Karina Schelde, will be interviewed on the Good Morning Show in June when her book will be launched.

Soul Voice is a book about how to use your voice to empower yourself. It provides effective exercises to train your voice to enable personal and spiritual development and communication.

Soul Voice has been endorsed by the famous Maori leader, Makuini Ruth Tai. Ruth is a respected teacher of Maori culture both in New Zealand and overseas. She is a coach, speaker and writer who inspires international audiences. Not only has Ruth written the foreword to Soul Voice but she has also written a segment of the book, relating Soul Voice to the indigenous culture of Maori.

Soul Voice is written by a person who is in the forefront of teaching within her field. Karina Schelde is a New Zealand based internationally acclaimed master sound healer, lecturer and workshop facilitator. She teaches people all over the world how to use their voice and sounds to retune their body and mind back into harmony. Benefits as quoted from people who have used her methodology include: being freed from limitations; a greater ability to communicate more clearly and openly; clarification of major life issues; personal transformation; opening to new opportunities; feeling the joys of free expression!

Karina’s book provides the reader with a personal perspective as well as a detailed practical guide. The Soul Voice contains key lessons and experiences Karina has gone through in her own personal journey and in her research into the Soul Voice Method. It also presents the reader with a broad variety of potent exercises that have been proven to assist thousands of people. The exercises are clearly explained and are accompanied by photos to illustrate key points. Although they have taken literally decades to create, they are simple and effective. Those who have used the Soul Voice exercises have found great benefits that result in helping them live their lives to their fullest potential, as attested to by the case studies provided in the book.

The Soul Voice exercises are based on scientific evidence that sound can heal. Scientists have discovered that not only do we hear through our ears, but we also absorb sound through our skin and bones! These vibrations affect our pulse rate, blood pressure, skin temperature, muscle tension and brain wave activity. Scientific studies have further shown that certain frequencies of sound can have direct beneficial effects. For example, Dr. Andrew Weil, author, lecturer and founder of the Program in Integrative Medicine in Tuscon, Arizona, USA, discovered that certain frequencies penetrate the human nervous system and can relieve pain, help stroke patients and benefit other conditions, (//

Karina has pioneered and researched the cutting edge modality of Voice Training and Sound Healing since 1985. Her professional background as a voice therapist, bodyworker, rebirther, counsellor, shamanic healer and actress is incorporated in to her work. She achieves immediate results both with her individual clients and those who attend her workshops. Karina also is the founder and originator of “The Soul Voice Practitioners’ Certification Programme”, which she teaches in Europe, USA, Australia and New Zealand. In addition, Karina has written books, produced CDs and videos on the subject. She has talked on National Radio, appeared on National Television and made presentations at conferences and conventions worldwide.

Edi Szentirmay-Ross is a Personal Well-being Facilitator