Published in Gulf News, Waiheke Island, New Zealand, November 2005

by Andrea Glazier

“The human voice is one of the most powerful tools available to heal body and soul and free up self-expression,” says Karina Schelde – a voice therapist, bodyworker and pioneer in the sound healing field who is giving a workshop on Waiheke this weekend.

“Sound is so powerful it can break through any kind of resistance or walls in ourselves, freeing our expression and helping us to let go of old hurts and baggage. We can use sound as a laser beam if we know where to direct it.”

This weekend’s workshop takes participants through a step-by-step process using humour and play to get over self-consciousness and free the voice so it can sound spontaneously – which Karina says will bring individual transformation and life changing experiences.

“You come to realise there are parts of yourself you are not using,” she says. “Intuitive parts of yourself that have been neglected, abandoned. The clearer we can sense in to our body and expand listening skills, express our voice, heart and intuition the more confident and powerful we become.”

Karina says working with the voice is particularly useful for those who work in the creative arts, communication, public speaking, music or in situations that require conflict resolution or being the bearer of “bad news”.

“It gets you really empowered so that you are clear about your boundaries and say what needs to be said with heart and compassion,” she says.

“And it’s wonderful for anyone in the performing arts as it helps you reconnect with that childlike spontaneity which can help keep you in the moment and respond better to your audience – as well as deepening your creative self-expression.”

Andrea Glazier is a freelance writer and journalist.