Published in Soul Seekers Magazine, New Zealand, March 2006

by David Gaughan

From the beginning of time, humans have used sound to communicate their most basic needs and feelings. The tone of the voice is often more important than the words themselves, even with positive phrases. Speaking harshly can reverse the meaning of the initial intention of the word, so much so that peoples’ lives are molded from early childhood by the way they are spoken to by their loved ones, their peers and authority figures.

“The specific sound, particularly of ones own voice, can also be the catalyst for spiritual growth,” says Karina , who’s book ‘The Magic Power in the Human Voice’ emphasizes the personal power that each of us can develop and use for self -expression, self growth and even physically healing our own bodies.” The human voice is more powerful than any instrument or computer generated sound because it is unique to our own vibration,” says Karina, who discovered this power on a personal level when she was working with a client in her clinic one day in Denmark in 1988.

Having worked as a counsellor and body worker, utilizing shamanic and rebirthing techniques, she longed to discover a spiritual medium to synergize all the knowledge that she had gained over many years of studying various techniques. This method was suddenly and unexpectedly realized when it manifested in sound, emanating from her inner being. Karina believes that this is the way that Spirit talks to us and we can improve this natural communication though the training of our own voice, unlocking emotions, improving personal power and unleashing our potential for spiritual growth.

Having traveled for ten years promoting her method of voice and sound healing through workshops in Europe and America , Karina is now resident in New Zealand , where she’ll be running a series of workshops this year. The workshops are open to anyone wishing to expand their range of self-expression and to speak more directly from the heart,experience the magic of voice and discover “the vastness of who they are” .

According to Karina, sound has the ability to penetrate the cells of the body, the conscious and subconscious mind, and can be used alone or in conjunction with almost any other healing modality. From that perspective, the workshops are also ideally suited to body workers of any discipline, hypnotherapists, psychologists, counselors, coaches and workshop leaders and presenters. They would also be of benefit to teachers, singers and musicians and all those drawn to use sound as a creative healing tool.

As Karina explains it, the human voice is one of the most powerful and finest tools available to heal the body & soul. We can say that we are held together by sound, that we are one big resonating sounding board. When we are out of harmony, out of tune, we can learn how to use our own sounds to bring us back into balance. This is a knowledge that we are born with, yet most of us need to be trained how to use it. Our voices, like our fingerprints, are totally unique and can be used as a map to our body and our history. The healing power of our innate voice is remarkable, powerful and magical. We own an instrument that we have barely known, yet it is a direct doorway to the Source and to ultimate healing. Indigenous cultures have practiced this knowledge for ions.

According to Karina, the first step is an emotional release process designed to open the throat chakra. Then we can more effectively tune our voices as an instrument. Learning how to listen deeply, both internally and externally, raises the awareness of the effect of our sounds. From this point we can consciously upgrade the frequencies of any sound we give forth. We can also use this newly opened channel to access cellular memory which allows us to benefit from a wide range of valuable information. Linking intention from the heart and the mind with the sound of our voices brings us to the point of using sound as medicine.

Karina’s courses are multi-leveled, with the first two-day workshop designed for everyone wanting to discover the magic healing power of divine creation in your voice, followed by a ‘Sound Initiation’ five day intensive workshop and a further three-part training ( 7 days, 10 days and 14 days) for those wanting full certification as practitioners of this method.

As one participant in Karina’s earlier workshop stated, “”Throughout the Sound Initiation I felt old holding patterns that were obstructing my full integration of my soul into my body dissolve and melt away. I felt my divine blueprint being empowered to anchor my truest self -expression that fully nurtures my soul’s potential to be of service on the planet. This initiation has supported my essence to have a clear pathway to move throughout my physical presence.”

Karina Schelde shows you how to access your highest potentials by liberating your voice to become a vibrational instrument. When you come back to the original language where everything begins and exists, you awaken the primordial self and touch the very core of your being.

David Gaughan is a freelance writer and journalist.