Explorations with Soul Voice founder, Karina Shelde

By Chip Richards

Karina was starting to wonder what it would take to help her client make a tangible shift. The last two sessions had felt positive and connected, but still she had been unable to relieve the pain from her client’s abdomen. For some reason, it felt like they hadn’t quite reached the source of the issue, and as her client climbed onto the table for the third session, Karina was unsure how they would get there…

Despite her deep background in breath work, counseling, shamanic healing and body work (to name a few), it felt like there was something else needed – some hidden key waiting to be discovered…

Her answer came halfway through the session. As Karina stood over her client, she suddenly sensed an energy welling up from deep within, from the Earth and from all around her. Before she realized what was happening, sounds began to pour from her mouth. It was like nothing else she’d ever experienced… like an ancient song or calling was moving through her. She remained in this sonic trance for about ten minutes and then the sounding stopped. It was over… and amazingly, her client’s pain was gone!


“While I had always felt that there was more to the voice than what words communicate, this was my first real ‘sound initiation’,” says the founder of the Soul Voice? school and method, Karina Schelde. That was 21-years ago, and she’s been working with sound in a very intimate way ever since – discovering new frontiers for the human voice as a gateway not only for healing, but for each of us to discover and express our true essence and infinite capacities in life.

“To me, sound is the synergizer.” Says Karina. “Humans are resonant beings. Our cells are vibrational energy, so sound is the building block of everything. What sound has done for me is to unify all of the healing modalities, experiences and work I have done into a vessel that can draw upon whatever is needed in the moment to effect healing and change at a very deep level.”

We have all experienced the transformational effect that sound can have on our experience… In the natural world we are brought into peace through the whispers of a breeze, the hypnotic rhythm of waves and the call of birds. In the human world, the sound of voice and music have a way of profoundly shifting the energy of any space – be it a concert hall, temple or a healing room. Beyond the realm of the mind, and often more direct than words alone, sound has a way of penetrating straight to the emotional center of our being, opening us up, and moving within.

“It has been scientifically proven that the human voice is the most powerful and effective of all instruments,” says Karina, who has focused the past two decades researching and fine tuning her use of sound energy, while empowering Soul Voice? students around the world to explore the instrument of the voice as a healing vessel through all the systems of the body – mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
“Every word we speak carries the tone of our sound as an instrument of communication and healing. Understanding how to tune and use this instrument effectively shifts not only our own consciousness, but also that of those who receive (and hear) our sounds. I have discovered that each tone and each sound has a totally unique message and that it is not possible to express a false note or a wrong sound. Whether you are male or female, you can heal any condition that may hinder you from embodying your true essence through the full range of your own vocal scale, seven octaves or more!”
On a basic level, we know whenever we sing, cry, laugh or sigh, there is an expression of emotional release. While we adults have a tendency over time to close down and censor our vocal expression, this doorway is wide open and free flowing in our children, and as such, they carry no emotional baggage. As a father of a nine-year-old, I am constantly amazed and inspired by how instantly and completely my little boy’s moods and energy can shift to the positive following a moment of genuine expression. According to Karina, this connection to the emotional body is a vital aspect of accessing the power of sound.

“Every genuine release of sound awakens our emotional body. With this awakening comes our direct communion with higher consciousness. As we let ourselves really go into the feeling of our sounds, and allow them to guide us, we start to unravel the layers of our own subconscious where genuine healing can really take place. The emotional body is the most suffering body in the planet. So when people start to experience and work with their feelings through sound it can be totally life changing.”
Through time, sound has always been considered a direct link between humans and the Divine. Ancient mystery schools taught their students the use of sound as a healing force – bringing harmony to their own being as well as effecting healing in others. Medicine men and shaman of many cultures have called upon song, chant and intonation as healing pathway for tribal members. In recent times, music and sound vibration has been used to boost plant growth and crop yields, control insect damage, create geometrical designs in sand and harmonize the crystal formation of water – to name a few. Even Western medicine uses sound in MRI’s and other vital frequency-based procedures. Yet in the fast pace, media-rich fabric of our modern world, many find it a challenge to stay connected to their own true voice and resonant calling within.

“In the western world we put so much power outside ourselves – into our computer, our doctor, our boss, etc…” say Karina. “So much projection keeping us from turning to the infinite power within. But there is a cry, a call deep within our hearts that wants to be heard. We long to liberate and rediscover the grandeur of who we truly are… a force of the highest vibration and creation. I am continually awed by how sound brings us back into our body, and empowers us to make real and profound shifts from the inside out.”
Karina believes that our voice has a ‘soul print’ that we have, since birth, been trying to come in contact with. It is as unique as our fingerprints, and acts as a map to our body, our personal and collective stories, our ancestral roots and soul’s aspiration. Through various Soul Voice? techniques, she guides students to unravel deeper layers of this cellular memory and latent capacity.? Through her workshops and certificate training programs, students learn to access their own primordial energy with sound frequencies, bringing them into contact with what Karina calls ‘our original sound language’. “It is from this place,” says Karina, “that we connect with the very core of our being, our vibrational blueprint and the purest wellspring of our potential.”
It is simple and yet truly profound to consider that one of the best ways for us to connect with our ‘true voice’ and ‘higher calling’ in life, is to quite literally liberate the voice within our body. As Karina says, “When we let go of the linear brain through sound, we begin to open ourselves to this original self and all of its many layers. It’s like coming back to the indigenous energy in our self… A feeling of deep remembrance. Many people say during their first Soul Voice workshop, ‘I feel like I’ve done this before. Like I’ve come to this place within myself, this essence within me… and heard my true voice.’”
Karina acknowledges that the first real step for us to begin truly experiencing the energy of our voice, is to create a space of complete acceptance… “It is vital for us to feel comfortable and willing to explore our own sound energy,” says Karina. “We first have to learn to accept all that comes out of us, because our trained tendency is to say, ‘Oh this can’t be right, This doesn’t sound good. I’m awful.’ But the truth is, the more we can accept and allow the sounds that come, the more things really open up in magical ways.”

“AH”… It all begins with a sigh.

When asked how we can begin to access our own inner voice and take a step toward discovering our unique ‘sound language’, Karina offers the following Soul Voice? exercise as a simple yet profound doorway to our greater temple of sound within.

“One of the best places to start is with the ‘Ah’ sound. Begin by going into your body with a deep breath and allow yourself to make a simple sighing sound, ‘Ahhhhh’. Just let yourself relax and open into a genuine sigh of release. Don’t worry what it sounds like, just sigh. Let this sighing sound expand, and with it, allow your breath to expand as well…
“Now take an even deeper breath in, and sound another “Ahhhhhh”, this time let it really flow out, loud and deep. Don’t hold it back. Do several of these, and you will start to feel the sound actually vibrating through you… And you will feel where the sound wants to take you. After a few minutes of ‘Ahhhh’ sounding, you may want to begin exploring and playing with other sounds, and perhaps there is some intuitive singing that wants to come out of you. Just follow the sound and see where it takes you.”
According to sound and harmonics pioneer, Jonathan Goldman, the “Ah” sound is one of the most powerful mantras on this planet. It is a sacred seed syllable that is revered in many different traditions.
The “Ah” sound is contained in most of our planet’s God / Goddess names (Tara, Buddha, Krishna, Yahweh, etc.), and many of our sacred words (Amen, Alleluia, Aum)… In the Hawaiian and Maori culture ‘Ah’ is part of the foundational energy of the spirit and the breath. So as Karina says, “Every time we let ourselves sigh, we open a doorway to that space of spirit and breath within.”
With her Soul Voice book now going out in seven languages, workshops and certificate training in Europe, and an extensive New Zealand and Australia schedule for 2010/2011, Karina is clearly not the only one who has heard the ‘CALL’ to express the deep and true voice within – both literally and metaphorically in life. As Karina says, “It really is a method that nourishes our soul from the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body, into all parts of our being and nervous system. Some people want specifically to go on to become a Soul Voice™ practitioners. For others it is simply a transformational personal growth process. Either way, the exercises in the work bring us right back to the clear essence of who we are, with clear and honest communication and self worth to find our true voice… to know that we do have a voice and it yearns to express, and there is nothing to be afraid of or to hide from. This is about coming into our aliveness and the embodiment of everything we came here for.”
In the words of Rumi…
God picks up the reed-flute world and blows.
Each note is a need coming through one of us,
a passion, a longing pain.

Remember the lips
where the wind-breath originated,
and let your note be clear.
Don’t try to end it.
Be your note.
I’ll show you how it’s enough.

Go up on the roof at night
in this city of the soul.

Let everyone climb on their roofs
and sing their notes!
Sing loud!

Chip Richards is an author, spiritual life coach and co-founder of New Earth Creations (www.newearthcreations.com), a creative foundation devoted to raising planetary consciousness through film, music, written word and visual art. He can be contacted at chip@newearthcreations.com. For more information on Soul Voice , visit www.soulvoice.net or email: contact@soulvoice.net. Namaste..