Published in Body, Mind & Spirit magazine, New Zealand August 2005

by David Gaughan

“Within our cellular memory there is a remembrance of wholeness, an inherited wisdom of knowingness. The dolphins and whales for example are that experience. Humankind can wake up and accelerate the process to be here, to be where we actually want to be the whole time. We can learn to use our own sounds to bring us back into balance, back to the present moment.”

So says Karina Schelde, an internationally acclaimed master sound healer, lecturer & workshop leader. Since 1985 Karina has been pioneering & researching the cutting edge modality of Voice & Sound Healing. She has a professional background as a voice-therapist, body worker, rebirther, counsellor, shamanic healer and actress and she is the founder of “The Professional Certified Voice & Sound Healer Training”, which grew out of her research in sound healing medicine.

“There is a longing in human beings today to fully open up the throat chakra,” says Karina, “to communicate the truth and come into mastery of self-_expression. There is a cry, a call deep within our hearts that wants to be heard. There is a longing for the liberation of the voice and soul – in this way re-discovering the grandeur of who we truly are – a force of the highest vibration and creation.”

As Karina explains it, the human voice is one of the most powerful and finest tools available to heal the body & soul, and her initial experience or “initiation” into this modality convinced her of the power of this natural medium that is available to everyone.

In Karina’s words “I was giving a bodywork session to a client in my Healing Centre in Denmark. I had been working with the client on an intense pain in the abdomen area over a couple of sessions, but was still not able to get the pain relieved. Suddenly sounds started to pour out of me, as if I was going to burst into song. I had never experienced anything like it. It felt like the sounds came from everywhere, including the Earth. I was overwhelmed and I had no idea that I was capable of expressing these awesome sounds. Actually, it felt as if they did not belong to me, but rather that I was the instrument that Source used to bring the sacred sounds into my client. Most of the time I was in a trance state, captivated by the sound initiation that I was experiencing. It probably lasted ten minutes or so and then it was over – the sound stopped by itself. The pain was gone and I was convinced that I had heard my true calling.”

That experience happened over two decades ago and Karina has been developing and teaching this healing method ever since, initially in Europe and America, and now in New Zealand. As she explains, she had yearned to find a method that would free humans from their mental controller, a method where our natural expression is honoured and the freedom we had as children is regained.

“When I sound,” says Karina, “it brings me immediately out of my head and into the core of my being, releasing emotions, even the most suppressed ones. My gut feelings are activated and my voice starts to vibrate and speak from what I call the truth, form my belly, the chi centre where our subconscious, and also our soul essence, dwells.”

As she explains it, “I also realized that the normal sound barrier of our vocal range is an artificial restriction, including the vocal range divided by gender. I experienced a tremendous freedom in being accepted in absolutely all sounds and tones that wanted to come through me. In the trainings I could allow my spontaneous voice to express any sounds, of which many of them originated from yearlong suppressed emotions and inadequacy and now transformed into blissful singing and sounding. I practiced all notes on the scale and all notes off the scale. Indeed, it was not to be distinguished, because I was told it is what is behind the voice that matters: My intention; My dedication; My presence; My feelings.”

Karina confirms what many psychologists say that the emotional shut-downs we carry in the throat are huge. Our grief and anger for example, that we do not express, causes illnesses and blockages. Perhaps we were told to shut up as an infant because our parents were jealous of us or we were too powerful in our expression.

“I was one of them,” says Karina. “Sound taught me how to liberate my _expression, whatsoever, and not judge but ACCEPT no matter what….expression will set you free…”

“Finally I had been given a method where our voice is not put in a box and where you, if you don’t sing on key, are not a failure – a method that honours our feelings and works with unravelling the many layers into the core. I was fascinated by how we as humans can learn from what dolphins and whales seem to master: a remembrance of wholeness, and then living that experience; they are our teachers in sound frequencies.”

As one recent participant in her workshops described the experience, “Karina took us to another world…a sound scape that my body ancient remembered. Sounds of whales moaned through me, ancient chants lit my tongue. My throat and heart burned with these sounds, new to this body but not my soul. We ranged from growling, gurgling, screaming, crying, laughing and celestial singing. I was deeply moved by this work: I know now that I want to be a sound healer and Karina is a teacher extraordinary”.

Those who have experienced Karina’s workshops can relate to her own early experience where she says, “My yearning and passion for expressing authentically was growing fast and I started to make sounds that I had never dreamt were possible to express. I worked dramatically with my voice and learned how to surrender more and more to the inner knowingness of what my voice naturally wanted to express. I eventually came in contact with that voice which is directly linked to Source, the Soul Voice. I began to co-create with a force that was grander than me … and my ego went on retreat

David Gaughan is a freelance writer and journalist