Published in Body, Mind & Spirit magazine, New Zealand August 2006

by David Gaughan

“The human voice is a mirror into the inner universe,” says Karina Schelde, an internationally acclaimed master sound healer, lecturer & workshop leader. “The voice reveals our moods, fears, hopes, emotions, tensions, thoughts and desires. The voice reflects who we truly are. The vibration or tone of our voice will often tell us more about a person than words can communicate.”

Since 1985 Karina has been pioneering & researching the cutting edge modality of Voice & Sound Healing. She has a professional background as a voice-therapist, body worker, rebirther, counselor, shamanic healer and actress and she is the founder of “The Professional Certified Voice & Sound Healer Training”, which grew out of her research in sound healing medicine.

Karina believes that we as adult humans have been moving away from our natural and spontaneous expression, away from listening to the inner voice, which tells us the sweet secrets of truth. We often numb ourselves with thoughts that keep our busy mind and our habits intact.

“Sounding (or toning) is a method that brings us out of our heads and into the very core of our being,” says Karina, who goes on to explain that sounding is a creative force, a body-voice that lives within all of us, a voice of the soul. It brings us back to our true gut feelings, which enables us to speak and to communicate from our essence.

She explains that our voices are totally unique, like our fingerprints. Our voice reflects and acts as a map to our body and personal and collective stories and to our history. We can train the human voice to be modulated precisely to attune to whatever areas of our being that needs healing, unlike electronically produced sounds. The human voice is superior to all other instruments, because it has soul, heart and consciousness and because it reflects the spiritual resonance of the person expressing the sound.

The beauty of this system is that it doesn’t matter if you can’t sing. According to Karina, off-key-notes are an excellent conductor for bringing us into contact with our emotional body. Off-key notes will also help us extend our vocal range and eventually bring out the different characters and personalities that we are hiding, into the light.

“When I sound,” says Karina, “it brings me immediately out of my head and into the core of my being, releasing emotions, even the most suppressed ones. My gut feelings are activated and my voice starts to vibrate and speak from what I call the truth, form my belly, the chi centre where our subconscious, and also our soul essence, dwells.”

She believes that any part of the person that is out of balance, from headaches to back pain, overweight and fatigue, to emotional, mental and spiritual problems, can all be healed with sound. We own an instrument that we barely know, yet it is a direct doorway to Source and to ultimate healing. Indigenous cultures have practiced this knowledge for ions.

Karina’s personal experience or “initiation” into this modality convinced her of the power of this natural medium that is available to everyone. She was giving a bodywork session to a client in her Healing Center in Denmark when, in her own words, “Suddenly sounds started to pour out of me, as if I was going to burst into song. I had never experienced anything like it. It felt like the sounds came from everywhere, including the Earth. I was overwhelmed and I had no idea that I was capable of expressing these awesome sounds. Actually, it felt as if they did not belong to me, but rather that I was the instrument that Source used to bring the sacred sounds into my client. Most of the time I was in a trance state, captivated by the sound initiation that I was experiencing. It probably lasted ten minutes or so and then it was over – the sound stopped by itself. The abdominal pain that had previously plagued my client was gone and I was convinced that I had heard my true calling.”

That experience happened over two decades ago and Karina has been developing and teaching this healing method ever since, initially in Europe and America, and now in New Zealand. As she explains, she had yearned to find a method that would free humans from their mental controller, a method where our natural expression is honoured and the freedom we had as children is regained.

Karina believes that within our cellular memory there is a remembrance of wholeness, an inherited wisdom of knowingness. The dolphins and whales for example are that experience. Humankind can wake up and accelerate the process to be here, to be where we actually want to be the whole time. We can learn to use our own sounds to bring us back into balance, back to the present moment.

“What makes Karina’s method so powerful, so transformative,” says one workshop participant, “is her ability to lead individuals into their unique soul authenticity. It shakes the dead leaves from the tree of our being and awakens our inner potential.”

In Karina’s words, “If you can speak…you can sound… Accept the fact that you are vibrational energy. Let the tones that naturally want to come through you, move you, take you, deepen you, shake you, twist you, turn you all around, awaken you, transform you, play with you … and have fun! Get loose … and remember, each sound is a perfect _expression of who you are. There are no ‘false’ notes or ‘wrong’ notes!”

This is a method where our voice is not put in a box and where, if we don’t sing on key, we are not considered a failure – a method that honours our feelings and works with unraveling the many layers to the core. Karina believes that our voice has a soul print that, since birth, we have been trying to come into contact – a code that signifies our ‘story’, our ‘make-up’ and our ancestral roots.

Due to the fact that all life is vibration and because we hold an inherited wisdom of remembrance and knowingness in our DNA structure, which dolphins and whales know of and are masters of, we will be able to unravel our DNA cellular coding through sound frequencies. As an analogy, Karina uses the famous water photographs from the Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto, which show that prayers or positive affirmations put into water will change the molecular shape to beautiful crystal structures.

“Now imagine what an intentional sound healing can do to our bodies, given that we are seventy percent water!” she says. “Proclaim your power back and soar. It is your birthright to be whole. God never punishes us but gives us gentle reminders how to come back on track. What we give energy to will grow! As soon as we are able to change our negative beliefs and work with our feeling-voice, there is a way out of the misery.”

David Gaughan is a freelance writer and journalist.