This workshop is a prerequisite for the 5-day residential "Advanced Sound Initiation", leading to "The Soul Voice® Practitioners' Certification Program"

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The first step to start the Soul Voice® Journey is to join a 2 Day Soul Voice® Workshop
This workshop introduces you to the Soul Voice® method, giving you concrete steps for freeing your voice and discovering your core essence.

Learn how to:

  • Discover your voice's unique spiritual resonance, healing abilities and ancient knowingness.
  • Release any suppressed issues, free your creative expression and your whole being in a safe atmosphere and supportive group energy.
  • Strengthen your listening, singing and communication skills. Come to your core essence.
  • Raise your confidence level and self esteem both in personal and professional relations.
  • Practice effective voice techniques including Overtone Chanting.


Who is this workshop for?

  • For those who want to find their voice in life - literally and figuratively.
  • For anyone who seeks to communicate and express from their authentic heart and intuitive feelings.
  • For those who are interested in living life to its fullest potential and be present to the now.
  • For all people who work with their voice and who long to free and share their innate voice.

“Terrific – only a few hours into the two-days workshop I was able to contact and release emotions, that I have not registered or felt since I was a very little girl. I felt such an incredible relief – impossible to express in words. The Soul Voice® method made me feel free and safe to completely surrender to processes, that previously would have been unthinkable to me – due to prejudices, vanity and anxiety.
I feel it as if I am learning a completely new language; a new and far more uninhibited way of getting in contact and communicating with myself (my unconscious self and my feelings), my body – and yes – the universe.”

Astrid Nora – Denmark

"The Soul Voice® Workshop is like condensing 10,000 hours of therapy into one weekend. Profound and empowering and life changing. Thank you Debi.”

Lee, Wellington, NZ