The 2 days Soul Voice® workshop is prerequisite for this workshop.

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“Sound Initiation was vital nourishment for the blossoming of my entire being. There is not any aspect of my being that did not grow TREMENDOUSLY in these few days. I attribute this growth to Karin's skilled teaching and to the power of the sound to penetrate and heal ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Thank you so much.”
Julia Papps, USA

This seminar is a guided and structured journey into revealing more of your potential and authentic self, through your unique and creative self-expression and through specific Soul Voice® techniques.
Every aspect of your being will be touched as you become ready for this transformation.
This is a deep letting-go process in order for your true power and inner wisdom to shine and manifest.
Through a strong group energy you will be guided into very high frequencies and go through profound transformations and initiations.
Each participant’s unique path and voice qualities will be strongly supported and further developed. The magic power of soul voice® sounding will guide you into further mastery and understanding of your life and life patterns.

The intention of this workshop is to:

  • Liberate your voice to become an instrument for your highest potentials.
  • Allow your Soul Voice® sounding to teach you to heal emotional wounds and imbalances & limited beliefs; and penetrate to your deepest core.
  • Learn scanning techniques and inner listening in order to trust your own sound-scapes and sound healing abilities.
  • Experience the combined effectiveness of color and sound.
  • Open up to Whale Medicine & sound language to further clear patterns from your ancestral roots.
  • Access a bigger spectrum of your authentic self-expression; eliminate fear and let your playful child soar!
  • Let the sound guide you into deep inner listening, to receive guidance and clarity to manifest your goals.
  • Awaken telepathic sound healing; and celebrate all of your various 'initiations'.


“Although sound and the impact of the human voice has fascinated me it wasn't until I attended Karina's seminars that I realised the powerful impact of voice and sound on oneself and the environment. Coming from a healing background one of the most exciting discoveries under Karina's guidance was the ability to diagnose and treat a person in a holistic way using my 'sounding' voice.”
Dr Melva Martin, New Zealand