Soul Voice® is a therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, which explores the human voice into its depths, potential and creative expression, founded by Karina Schelde.
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Soul-Voice® International logo

‘There is a cry a call deep within our hearts

that wants to be heard.

We long for the liberation

of our voice and soul to rediscover

the grandeur of who we truly are

as a force of the highest vibration of Creation.’
Karina Schelde, Founder of the Soul Voice® method

Soul Voice® is a therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, which explores the human voice into its depths, potential and creative expression, founded by Karina Schelde. The Soul Voice® method has been taught to thousands of people worldwide for the last two decades.
Soul Voice® is an invitation to dive deeper into the VOICE we may have forgotten, but that our soul remembers. Let it reveal to you your soul’s infinite wisdom, truth & freedom. READ MORE

We invite you to participate in our many offerings. You may wish to join a short presentation, or choose a session with a certified Practitioner from our global network, or go further with a Soul Voice® workshop or Training.
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with a Certified
Workshops with Authorized/Accredited
Karina Schelde’s Workshops and Advanced Trainings

PCP Training

PCP is an upgraded 2 1/2 year educational program with 5 seminars ~ each of 8 – 9 days ~ leading to certification as a Professional Soul Voice® Practitioner, facilitated by Founder Karina Schelde.
Prerequisite to PCP is the 2 days & 5 days introductory & immersion workshops. Facilitated by Authorised/Accredited Soul Voice® Teachers

Karina Schelde offers a masterful teaching in this exceptional & ground-breaking therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, Soul Voice®. Karina has worked with alternative therapies the last four decades and has a background as a professional bodyworker, breath-worker, coach, shamanic healer & actor.

The last two decades she has taught the Soul Voice® method in over 25 countries and trained & certified a selected group of Practitioners & Teachers. She is the author of three books, sound healing CDs, instructional DVDs & an audiobook.

Expression into Freedom book:

“Karina Schelde offers us a “sound medicine” that is grounded in centuries of factual evidence provided by cultures both indigenous and contemporary. This is an excellent book on the uses of the voice as a healing instrument and I highly recommend it.”
MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH, author of Life Visioning

New Release, Two Instructional Videos by Karina Schelde

“Liberate the voice to experience your ultimate potential” & “Sound & Movement”

In these videos you will receive clear instructional tools to start using your voice potential through Soul Voice® practices, either practicing in your own home or in nature. It is an excellent first step to the method before eventually being inspired to receive a Soul Voice® session or joining a workshop. Also you may use these treasures to complement your already existing practice.
Available as Digital Download in high resolution or purchase on usb-stick
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New: A video about the Soul Voice® method

An introduction to Soul Voice®, a profound self-development modality specialised in sound & voice work, by Founder Karina Schelde.
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AUDIO: An easy to practice Soul Voice® exercise that you may practice in your own home.

JOIN US at any time during the month in a guided Sounding Meditation that is both a Self Healing Journey as well as a Telepathic Sound Healing. Push play and enjoy.
THE FIRST SUNDAY of each month a new Sounding Meditation will be available.

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