Prerequisite for this course is Soul Voice® Practitioners' Certification Programme

The Supervision & Continued Education Seminar is a powerful personal journey; a profound & intense RITE OF PASSAGE process for each participant. This rite of passage is an extraordinary initiation into the deepest corners and aspects of your being, that have not yet been revealed, touched or known to you. It is a process of surrendering and resurrection, under the guidance of Karina and supported by a potent and very present sound-tribe energy, where each participant is your helper (and ‘playmate’!) on this multi-faceted journey.

This new Experience requires some months of integration to be actualized and manifested in your daily life, and in order for your new life-style, goals and true virtues to come forward. This training shows you your Calling in a bigger perspective... revealing & illuminating greater purpose and meaning.

New Soul Voice® sound healing & therapeutic techniques will be introduced, demonstrated and practiced including detachment release practice, synergy polarity healing and spinal heart surgery. These new techniques and practices will further complement and provide you with greater understanding of your current Soul Voice® Practice.

This seminar includes effective guidelines on how to set up a solid foundation for your Soul Voice practice with a steadily growing clientele.

Supervision for me was the completion of a very intense 2 year training and growth process. Supervision allowed me to witness myself deeply & clearly, and in particular during my rite of passage. Months later I continue to receive clarity of old patterns & behaviours, and at times as if by magic there is subtle yet powerful healing of my ancestral lineage as the layers of illusion continue to shift within me creating profound changes in my consciousness.
I loved how I was fully supported and accepted to be and feel whoever I was in each moment, and whatever was presenting itself from deep within my psyche. This allowed various memories and sub-personalities to be revealed, to play out, call out, to be heard, to be seen & be free from suppression & judgment. All of this has created for me a greater self acceptance, self love and sense of power. I love getting to know who I really AM.
I have immense faith and trust in my powerful teacher Karina and because of this she has literally "rocked my inner world" with her Divine Alchemy.
Jenny Glover, Australia

Every time attending at new level in the Soul Voice® Programme, I have been thinking: "Is it possible to go any deeper? Is it possible to expand more, to understand more, to feel, hear and see more?" I had no idea what was going to happen; all I knew was that I was thrilled with going to see part of my Soul Voice® family again.
I tell you, dear ones, this course was magnificent; so very, very deepening. The process was so deep, that not until now can I understand how deep it has been. I have had a very long and difficult time of integration – 3 months, actually – and only a few days ago, I really understood what the work on the course had really done for me.
In this testimonial I want to say to you all: accept the time that your body and system needs to integrate and ground any process you are in during your Soul Voice® Journey. Cherish your faith deep in your heart during the hard times of integration; it will pass if you choose YOU. I'm so very grateful for this evolution and I cannot recommend this Supervision & Continued Education enough.
Birgitte Helena Winther, Denmark.