Testimonials from Supervision

The Supervision seminar was the most touching and transforming week because I was ready, and so it felt easy to go through this process. Two years ago I started the PCP training to find my new vocation. In the Supervision seminar I got confirmation that I have found it. The sign was incredible! For the first time I felt really connected to my colleagues. In this group I felt deep trust and acceptance. No judgement or comparing. Each one of us was just right, exactly how and where he or she was. I am grateful to my colleagues, the assistants and especially to Karina! This training is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and that is given to us! My heart is full gratitude!
Mechthild, Switzerland

SUPERVISION gave me the most challenging and satisfying experience I ever had with the Soul Voice® Method. The work was, as usual, very intense & deep and I really felt the importance of MY TRIBE.
I was deeply understood without using words. I found the importance of the tribe to let myself go, to feel and to experience the real surrendering. I had the opportunity of feeling how to experience the “free fall” with gentleness towards myself, always respecting my rhythm and who I am. I found out the beauty of being in my center and in my power with no fear!
At the end of the week I had the strong image of myself reaching the top of a mountain; from here I can see everything I’ve done to reach this point. I can see & feel the whole of the PCP much more clearly than before! I have changed a lot after SUPERVISION. The depth of my sessions with clients, my voice has changed, the sounds in me are so different now. Also in my life I am feeling a lot of transformation, more awareness of my boundaries and I am much clearer in my choices. Sometimes I feel like a laser light; very clear, focused & centered with grace and gentleness.

Paola Riccobon, Italy

'I have been freed from pain and discomfort in my hips that has existed for over 20 years all thanks to my Sound Tribe and the transformational release work I undertook with Karina's amazing guidance.
The transformation in my body physically has been astounding since I began learning Karina's method over 2½ years ago. Not only has my body transformed, the circumstances in my life have changed drastically. It is as if I ponder things that I would like in my life and they materialise. People have come into my world that are adding to my personal and professional success, I have better relationships, increased listening skills and as a singer my voice has deepened. I notice a much richer connection with my audience. I am also speaking up for myself and setting clear boundaries about what is ok for me and what is not. I no longer have a 'pleasing drama' that often meant I compromised what I needed to keep others happy. I am grounded, I walk slowly and I have total, loving and abundant trust that I am meant to be on this planet and I am supported by the Universe. Many people comment on my energy, how positive I am and how much they feel 'healed' and uplifted even if we only have a brief time together. Thank you, Karina. I am free from anxiety and I am passing all that I can onto others in my own work as a dance teacher and entertainer.'
Priscilla Tonkin, Australia

Supervision was an extraordinary experience for me .. .a big leap forward with sweetness and intensity. I completely connected to my heart and understood and felt my real power . I've done so many things on personal development, but I believe that Soul Voice is the  most transformative and  powerful method I've ever done. I loved seeing Karina moved to tears.  When she shows this sweetness, it is so beautiful and true.
Gianluca Franchini, Italy

Dear Karina, I want to thank you with my whole heart for this amazing deep week. I really feel I have gone through huge transformations, again. In the first week at home, I really felt I had to go slow. Baby step by baby step. One of the biggest things for me is that I realized that everybody is unique! There is just no comparison. It is very touching to realize and to feel that.
One of my issues is about more and more coming out into the world with all of who I am. Unconsciously this has always been very scary for me. I did already two performances for my family (part of my homework) and it is great and so liberating. It brings me so much! For me personally, and also in the relationship with my husband and my kids. So great to be able to connect with the little playful inner child in myself and thereby in others too. Other changes I noticed are: I feel much stronger & grounded in my skills as a Soul Voice Practitioner. A lot of doubt and judgement towards myself and my practice is gone. I am ready now to receive many more clients. After this Supervision week, I have the feeling I can “handle” any issue. My bodytalk has become stronger & much more precise and direct. I dare to act & speak more freely in the presence of close family & friends. I stand more on “my own legs” and my voice sounds so much deeper.
Thank You Soooo much Karina, for your great work, teachings, help and support!
Anke de Jong, The Netherlands

I have just returned home from Karina's Supervision and Continued Education Workshop and, once again, I have gone to a whole new level in my personal development. A Quantum Leap indeed! The exercises and individual supervision took me to the very core of my deepest patterns and blocks and through the other side to a deep sense of acceptance, surrender and love. The physical exercises that Karina incorporates, along with the energies of power animals have supported the shifts in me with strong grounding and embodiment. I have a much stronger sense of Karina's gifts and the depth of the wisdom she is bringing through in The Soul Voice work. It has further deepened my commitment to myself, my beloveds, humanity and the planet. The love and support of the incredible Sound Tribe is a source of great strength and inspiration to me. This is simply extraordinary work, that is bringing deep transformation to the planet. I feel deeply blessed to be a part of it
Linda Duff, United Kingdom

Supervision for me was the completion of a very intense 2 year training and growth process. Supervision allowed me to witness myself deeply & clearly, and in particular during my rite of passage. Months later I continue to receive clarity of old patterns & behaviours, and at times as if by magic there is subtle yet powerful healing of my ancestral lineage as the layers of illusion continue to shift within me creating profound changes in my consciousness.
I loved how I was fully supported and accepted to be and feel whoever I was in each moment, and whatever was presenting from deep within my psyche. This allowed various memories and sub-personalities to be revealed, to play out, call out, to be heard, to be seen & be free from suppression & judgement. All of this has created for me a greater self acceptance, self love and sense of power. I love getting to know who I really AM.
I have immense faith and trust in my powerful teacher Karina and because of this she has literally "rocked my inner world" with her Divine Alchemy.
Jenny Glover, Australia

Being "present" finally in my body, to express myself in all my potential and with what I am really called to do NOW.
During the PCP I was sometimes full of self restrictions, opposition, doubts...but only during the supervsion I did declare to myself to accept my true calling, my true nature.
All the pain, suffering, contradictions in the "old" me, are transformed fully. Now I am reborn and I walk on this planet with new eyes, new heart, new feet...like a child!
Salvatore, Italy

Every time attending at new level in the Soul Voice programme, I have been thinking: "is it possible to go any deeper? Is it possible to expand more, to understand more, to feel, hear and see more?" Leaving my home in September to go to Hof de Planis for the Supervision & Continued Education course, I had that question inside me again. I had no idea what was going to happen, all I knew was, that I was thrilled with going to see part of my Soul Voice family again.
I tell you, dear ones! This course was magnificent. So very, very deepening. The process was so deep, that not untill now, I understand how deep this process has been. I have had a very long and difficult time of integration – 3 months, actually – and only af few days ago, I really understood what the work on the course had really done for me.
With this testimony I want to say to you all: accept the time that your body and your system needs to integrate and ground any process, you are in during your Soul Voice work. Cherish your faith deep in your heart during the hard times of integration, it will pass if you choose You. I'm so very grateful for this evolution and I cannot recommend this Supervision & Continued Education enough.
Birgitte Helena Winther, Denmark.

What I have experienced in my training as a Soul voice Practitioner is that every human being, has the right to  be  seen  and heard. Soul voice ® is a way for me to connect  to my deepest layers, my deepest vibrations; a great discovery of being who I am, without judgment. I am human. I express my emotions & take responsibility. I am aware. This is what Soul Voice gives me, a completely changed life. I am very grateful!
Ans  Jong Dudink, The Netherlands

The supervision week was an amazing and eclectic mix of profound and ever deepening understandings, realisations, shifts and changes. The rites of passages provided such possibilities as we really understood what it was to reach into the unknown, to stand on the edge and truly voice those parts of ourselves with the absolute joy of feeling so well supported by all. Since this time my heart has expanded and I feel propelled into and by the universe to share myself and all I have come here to do. The supervision week really is a truly wonderful and ever deepening gift we can give to ourselves and those that are drawn to work with us.
Caroline Barnes, United Kingdom

Supervision for me was an integral part of my Soul Voice journey. It was a completion and in so many ways a beginning; a solid platform from which to dive and take flight into the next new stage. I reclaimed my buried treasure; I have a stronger sense of my own unique way and rhythm and I can TRUST in this, in me! The freedom this brings makes me laugh with joy.
Kathryn Santospirito, Australia

The Supervision workshop was for me an incredible journey to my true inner knowing and to free my Soul voice. Clearing old patterns that were not serving my highest good any longer, and releasing fears & judgements through the vibration of sounds, lead me to an inner void. From there I was able to remember, to connect with my ancestors, to hear the voice of the Masters that walked the path before me, to love myself and to allow myself just to be. I am deeply grateful to Karina for holding the sacred space as a healer and teacher.
Marianne Comtesse, Switzerland

Being present for Supervision has been a very powerful and heart-warming experience. I explored very deep and ancient spaces within myself. I shed light years of old, stuck feelings and I truly embraced all of who I am – a magnificent, loving, innocent, tender and joyful being! AND, all of this took place with the total love & support of Karina and my Soul Voice colleagues. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a magical and transformative process.
Elizabeth Salna, Australia