Level one stripped me of the masks I wore for the world. My true nature began to be revealed. I felt like a young child exploring my place in the world. To show the real me I cleared out old unwanted energy, toxic habits and illusionary beliefs I held of myself. Once this clearing was done the reprogramming into my cellular memory began. All this was done with grace, ease and endless love. The love was one with no expectation or judgment. This love feels like a cavern of endless totality of bliss to me.
With this experience a new energy is being brought into my life which gives me great pleasure. It is also exciting as I can feel it is providing me with the stepping stones to take me on my journey to where I am meant to be. I sign off with Ultimate Gratitude to Karina for her wisdom, depth of compassion, and intelligence for her masterful creation and teaching.
Namaste, Rosemary Warburton, NZ

There have been many changes within me since completing level 1, including heightened awareness, strength, healing, & renewed commitment to my spiritual practice. I breathe easier and with a depth that feels liberating to me. I frequently breathe deeply just so I can experience this new found space inside of me & this makes me smile. Many insights of old negative programs have “popped up” to my conscious awareness moving beyond my intellect, & it seems easier to clear & heal these beliefs.
I AM more present with myself and at times I feel “Ancient Mother” calling me like a pulse beating deep inside me. I sometimes feel like a child looking through new eyes with wonderment having new experiences, and at times I feel everything and everyone is communicating to me. I can see that in all things there is wisdom – a message – a reflection of self if I am only willing and daring to see it, to own it!
Karina’s love, support and Presence is ongoing and way beyond the workshop hours. I am starting to have a small comprehension of the Essence of this work. I feel Soul Voice® is commanding me to be Present with myself.
With deep gratitude & respect to Karina & Soul Voice®.
Jenny Glover, Australia

The Level 1 Soul Voice® Practitioner course has opened me up to the potential that lay within me, which I could not access, due to life experiences that wounded me. I shut down from my self-worth and my own divinity. I always looked for the divine in others, but I was unable to see the divine in myself.
I am now feeling like a Goddess re-awakened to who I truly am. I have started taking responsibility for my life and have stepped into my power as a young woman with goals and dreams. I feel alive in my creativity, even in the bedroom and my husband is loving the changes! He recently commented, the healing that has come from the Soul Voice® training is invaluable and I completely agree. Thank you Karina for teaching the Soul Voice® technique, that will change many lives and for the courage and compassion you have in delivering it! Blessings.
Dorianne Daniels, Australia

We all learn to speak as child. Karina guides us to awaken the Soul in that Voice, to make it communicate its truths to our body and communicate more authentically with others. Since I've started the Soul Voice® method I feel more connected to myself and the Universe. I understand the importance of walking my Truth on personal and universal levels. I am proud that I have given myself permission to take that chance & I am in deep gratitude for the amazing work Karina is doing with joy & unconditional love.”
Marine Gestraud

Karina’s teaching has guided me to the path within. Through her glorious work I have connected with my very own inner Goddess, my Power Animal and my Ancient Wisdom. I have reconnected with Mother Earth and Father Sky, acknowledging how essential the union of the Feminine and masculine are for our world to flourish and for all of earth's inhabitants to heal and live in their joy. I am being patient and gentle with myself, trying to live in the now, accepting my Power and honouring my body and my thoughts.”
Annie Hynes

“After Level 1 and some integration work, I feel I have found a new inner support, like a platform where I feel more connected to my inner being and strengths. It’s the result of having been able to go through some deep illusions relating to personal fears and despair. Sounds are helping me to connect to these deep emotional layers.
And I have discovered my voice! A few months ago I was thinking, ‘I don’t have any voice’. It is a great step in my evolution to discover my voice and to like it, and to discover it’s healing power… thanks to Karina’s teaching!”
Florence Reusser

The Soul Voice® method has shaken me to the very core, allowing me to remember my dreams and deepest yearnings. I love this work and feel excited at where the sound is guiding me and all of creation. I thought I had to die and come back again to be able to sing and express myself freely in this lifetime and Karina has shown me how to do this here and now in this lifetime. What a precious, precious gift.”
Willow, New Zealand

“Level 1 of the practitioner training has enriched my entire life experience. I now communicate with more clarity and honesty and am able to be with my shadows - which is quietly and wildly liberating. Healing with sound has been a calling from deep in my heart for many years - I feel blessed to have been guided to such a compassionate and powerful woman who is showing me the way with such graceful strength. I’m anticipating Level 2 with a stronger, more open heart. Whaaaaaaaeeeeeeeooooooo!”
Donna Corry, New Zealand

“The first training for the Soul Voice® practitioners certificate has given me a deeper understanding into the shadow side of myself. I have gained much acceptance and insight into what made me who I am today. This has given me the chance to identify with out judgment that all sequences of events are in perfect order for our highest growth. Karina’s ability to facilitate this process for all 30 students amazes and inspires me. She creates the nurturing environment so each and everyone was able to reach higher levels of conscious, while providing the space for each and every individual process of transformation. I know without a shadow of a doubt the growth course offers, is taking me deeper into my own understanding, acceptance and love, of myself, the earth, my family, friends and relationship with the creator herself. This experience for me has giving me the options to grow and develop further with out the mask I had previously worn for most of my life… It is showing me how to be and see the realness of life.”
Lisa Lister, New Zealand

Now, at the end of the first level, with the help of breathing exercises, grounding practises and sounding techniques, including the contact with the other members of my tribe and my buddy, I am taking the first step into my “inner voyage”, with the feeling that I wish to stay within me and not escape somewhere else…
Maria Eugenia Nuzzaco, Germany

This week gave me a feeling of coming home. All week I felt very good guided by Karina! When I came home l felt that I had found a new family and my new task for the world, although my body felt like I had given birth to a child. During the week often I was very happy and deeply touched. Many thanks to you Karina, your presence and loving guidance was wonderful!
Mechthild Rotzetter, Switzerland

During this training I felt gently guided step by step through resistance and numbness. To my own very big surprise I experienced ..... the joy of freedom!!! The joy of beauty, that came naturally, as control and fear left me. I have learnt that clear boundaries and compassion create spaces for free expression. Now I start setting boundaries and creating spaces more consciously & diligently. It was a fascinating and profoundly touching week! Thank you Karina and Assistants and all the group!
Stefanie Willi, Switzerland

I and my inner child were full of fear and so at an early age I built up a wall of being unapproachable. Parallel with Karina´s lessons: “surrender”, “let it flow”, “love yourself”, I started to open my heart. I can now return to my inner point of peace & balance. When circumstances get unbearable I take deep breaths and do the “Ah-sounds” and love celebrating the other wonderful lessons Karina taught us. Celebrating life for itself!!!
Andrea Bund, Germany

After my first Practitioner training I came back home somewhat changed. I met my deep self and did not want to come back to the everyday reality of living. It has taken me time to come back and be with other people. I wanted to be on my own, not interacting with others. A friend asked me how it was. I felt speechless. I went quiet but she saw it in my eyes. I felt exposed, vulnerable, fragile, raw, and very sensitive. I used to think they were signs of weakness. However now I know they are signs of integrity, inner growth, inner knowing. The reaching through the layers to be in touch with oneself at all times, not only when things go smoothly. I saw myself and I was able to hold the glance for a moment.
I feel it is a very courageous step to be willing, to be open, and face one's own shadows without rejecting, denying or pretending. Therefore I am proud of myself that I have not given up. I feel I am more authentic with myself and others.
Now I am taking it slowly at my pace, because I am the most important person in my life and I have a responsibility to myself.

Monika Vrbjarova

I am amazed by how, even in troubles, I am trying to focus on the Light that is within me and every creature. It is wonderful to learn how to choose between what it is vital, essential and what it is deadly, misleading and superficial. This first level of PCP gave me the chance to go deeper into my fear and to discover how huge the difference is between sounding with the mind and sounding with the heart. I feel grateful. I feel deeply grateful.
Paola Benvenga


What a journey it was!! I was touched in so many ways in my Essence! Working with birth-stages…what a gift! Having a deeper connection with my birth and learning how to heal these roots. I can really work with feeling welcome, seen and heard now, wow!
Working for 2 days with my inner child I felt how emotions bring me life itself! I felt the freedom to let them run through me in anger, frustration, tears or whatever wanted to come out to enable to free myself. I felt liberated by really honoring them in their origins in connection to the belief systems that were part of my survival. Really KNOWING the old and acknowledging it with my heart. Bodily knowing as the core anchor of transformation. I know the old, so now I am open to my free authentic self, my soul self. Affirmations of love, light and acceptance willingly sinking into the cells of my body! Free of struggle and in an open accepting space.
Purely grateful for these new feelings of life in my body. Yes! A new birth is taking place.
I feel a natural protection of myself now and a more open healthy space to use my voice, take my space and set my boundaries. To work on this theme of boundaries was so healing in itself. At the end of the training I was so open to my magical child & what her values are in life, her dreams and her Sacred path on Earth. I feel gratitude at the start of each day! My Goddess…deeper anchored in daily life. I feel more authentic and less adapted in my energy.
Thank you Karina, thank you so much!


I was astonished with the way the whole week danced around the Goddess I had chosen a month before. I was literally practicing my Goddess the whole week; in & outside the lessons and it became a beautiful interaction with my group.
Karina said, “Have trust/faith” and it has proven to be so right. I have taken it into my everyday life. When things don’t work out, I’m now waiting & trusting whenever & however and taking a step/day at a time while holding my intention. What a relief and thrill!
During Level 2 PCP, it became clear that I want to give more time & energy to Soul Voice® . As my boss won’t give me a 3 day working week, I know something else is showing up for me. To start I will do a session every weekend, and it feels good just to be started. I feel secure and confident working within the framework of Soul Voice®, connecting & optimizing my skills. My flyer will say this; I have found my voice! The Soul Voice® work connects & optimizes my skills to support people in being themselves. That is why I offer Soul Voice® sessions. Thank you Karina!

Maiken – Denmark

This I know - it is time to listen - really listen to the deep voice of your soul.
I have never experienced such movement through my whole being; never felt such connection; never been so sure, so strong, so clear and yet so full of wonder, so vulnerable, so alive.
Soul Voice® has awakened my deep knowing of 'why on earth I am here' and 'what in heaven I can do'. There is nothing like this.
Through Soul Voice® I call into every corner of my being to release that which no longer serves me. I restore, regenerate and reconnect my body and soul to active grounded participation in being here and now on our beautiful planet earth. Soul Voice® is a coming home. I call you to Remember.
Althea, New Zealand

It was one year ago I began my Soul Voice® Journey. I really couldn't imagine how my voice, my deep intention to heal myself, Karina and all my Sound tribe could help me.
One year ago my body, my mind and my spirit were completely at war. I was 39kg and 1.77m and was in a deep depression. I refused to take drugs or go to hospital because I felt that there was something else. Something for me to work on, something hidden that I needed to see and take knowledge of. At this time I was afraid of living and was very lost in this world. I went into a deep darkness. I knew I needed a method to help me feel what my soul needed. For this I needed to go further than words, further than thought, further than all the knowledge of analysis. The Soul Voice® method was exactly what I needed. It helped me to give voice to my emotions, layers after layers. What was really important for me and what really helped me is the power of sound. I became more and more conscious that sound can go behind the mind. I was not analysing what I was sounding, why I was expressing the emotion, where did the feeling come from or the cause of my depression & anorexia. I learned that what was really important was to express my own emotions without thinking. So I began to express my sadness which became anger which became grief... layer after layer I was giving voice and moving the energy blocked in me from a long time ago. I just trusted that if I could release, I could clear my soul and be open for a new frequency. How could I fill my own spirit if all was full of old emotions and old feelings? It doesn't matter to me to know where it came from.
It was during the Practitioner Training that, for the first time, I really surrendered to a deep anger during the work on the “inner child”. Suddenly I felt a new joy in my entire body. This was really incredible; after three years of depression and anorexia, feeling light and happiness and peace in my body and my heart.
Thanks to this deep work I have done with the help of Karina and the sound tribe, I have put on 20kg and learned how to accept myself and have begun to find my own way. All this work has not only saved me from death but also taught me how to own my body and dreams, how to create a new space for a new world. It has changed my own frequency and vision of life and I feel much more connected with my soul.
Lucille, France

The Soul Voice® method allowed me to safely dive deep into the dark places of my soul. From there I retrieved the hidden strength and inner fire that empowers me in the world on my path. This is not my first encounter with Soul Voice®. Each time I am enabled to go deeper and to become clearer. During this deep work my voice emerges and grows, allowing me to fully express my purpose.
Carol Patterson, USA

I'm so grateful to the Exquisite Karina for her skilled guidance and to all of my tribe for diving in together, for creating and holding a Divine Vessel for Transformation through shadow and into the light -- into wholeness, magic, power, passion and freedom! It's an uncanny alchemy, transpiring and inspiring beyond words.
Loren Swift, USA

The exposure of my true self to myself and others unfolds. The discovery of deep blockages of energy flow into my consciousness. These blockages I now know as painful memories, unmet needs and unexpressed emotions. I see a relatedness of these blockages to the old physical injuries stuck and numbed in their unhealed form, laying dormant, for me to one day welcome them into my life. The day has come. I feel joy in discovering these pains because I now have methods to continue the healing, and the courage to persist to get right to the core. Already I can feel the healing of my being along with the expansion of my compassionate heart. A truly magnificent experience to assist with the preparation I am undertaking to deliver Soul Voice®. My infinite gratitude remains.
Rosemary Warburton

At level 2 there was profound healing on many levels of my Being as I went into depths of myself I didn't know existed, where I discovered amazing aspects of self and spaces of stillness, grace & connection. I continue to feel a sense of unravelling and unveiling occurring in me, and I find I am unable to hide from myself as the layers of illusion continue to fall away and my truth is revealed to me. It is becoming easier to own that which I have hidden, and take responsibility for the excuses, the blame, the justifying, etc. This allows me to be in a greater acceptance of self and life as I feel stronger, safer and excited to be able to free myself and express myself. Soul Voice® is such profoundly authentic work and to do SV one must become real and authentic as there is no way around this. Karina’s amazing “Presence” is one of absolute unwavering commitment, support and love and the beautiful Assistants were there 100% in support and compassion for all participants. I truly feel blessed to have Karina as my teacher.
Jenny Glover, Australia

The part 2 Sound Healing course has changed my life so much that I can no longer be without using sound and the groundedness I feel is very complete.
Karina is a truly inspirational woman who leads with incredible integrity and love. I am forever grateful to her for this and her wisdom that all sounds are welcome.”
Jeanette Adams

The work at Level 2 for me, was very, very strong. I've re-discovered a lot of my lost energy. All the processes were very deep and "right" for my inner and personal vibration.I had a lot of lucid dreams about my process...about my inner child and understood. I re-discovered the peaceful pleasure to relax and enjoy the resting state, without tension.
It was also a very strong journey about my acceptance of my inner Masculine Fire and my sexuality.The God & Goddess session was marvellous because I've found the right strength and courage to see and TRANSFORM past fears about my polarity.
I have a lot of resistance with the Birth Stage's positive program: I AM LOVED. I had a lot of problems "being received", but I know that I can transform it! I trust.
Salvatore, Italy

In Level 2 of PCP I discovered many things that I kept hidden within me! I just started to accept myself step by step. Ten days of deep work showed me, through a magnifying glass, what made my blood, my skin, the air that goes in and comes out of my mouth, and I feel all my senses. Discipline and flexibility are now playing in my spine for the first time.I physically feel this interweaving and the powerful energy that is developing!
I felt the opening of my heart, and LOVE it! I'm cutting out the deadwood of my life, without guilt, manifesting myself just as I am, in gratitude and softness. It's wonderful to be able to say NO,without guilt. Every day, I feel more and more the rhythm of my heart and I open myself to this!
Carmencita Catania, Italy

Level 2 WOW. It was so amazingly, touchingly deep and it has been so liberating!
I have had such amazing experiences. At a certain moment I could feel inside myself all what I was longing for and looking for! While I was used to look for it outside myself. Now being connected with all there is. It was a moment I have dreamt of my whole life.
For me personally it was about surrender at all levels, letting go and just BE.
At home I felt like a new born baby. I had to get used to daily life again and to all the sounds and impressions.  Now, two weeks later, I feel more me, I dare to speak out to people about what I feel and think and I dare to trust more on my inner wisdom....Finding my way home to my own mastery. Thank U Karina! ~ Sweet surrendering sounds,
Anke de Jong, The Netherlands

I’ve been touched, inspired, healed, surprised and transformed in many beautiful ways with Karina’s Soul Voice® method. It’s a deep “Soul Dive” into awe-inspiring discovery. It’s like a “jumping off a cliff moment” but instead of falling,I rise.
Level 2 was like pulling more rabbits out of a magic hat inside me. Discovering other passions and strengths that live in the depths of my heart and feeling weaknesses I didn't know until now. Working with my Inner-child made me become aware of how wild I am, and to love, respect and embrace my magic wild creativity too. Level 2 is amazing deeper soul work into awareness.
Glenda Gavilanez, Italy

The second level of Soul Voice® PCP was beautiful. I discovered my power. I discovered the fun and the joy. I've been in a life attached to pain and I finally allowed myself to feel the fun. I laughed and I cried too.Contacting the inner child was equally strong and transforming. I got rid of emotions that kept me stuck for a long time, and especially the joy of having fun by dancing. How wonderful!I discovered that the inner strength and nourishment are important in my life to go further to discover myself...At this level, I had more trust that everything I would live would be good for me and I felt that I let myself go more consciously, even listening to the fears and resistances.
The experience of the inner representation of the Goddess was very strong and I discovered my power, and the power of my voice. Once again thank you very much for this experience so enriching and transforming for my life.
Gabriella Bernadi, Italy

Level 2 was an incredible deep diving journey! My intention was to go to the depth of my fears and to what I withheld and transform them, so that my magical inner child could come through. Inside me there was a yearning to be more playful in my daily life. It was great to have a buddy to work with, to deepen the experiences further. Drawing, sounding and sharing, in all the different parts of my Inner child.
Now I ’m home and sounding is so familiar for me…I can’t imagine that people admire me for daring to sound. It’s a part of me, so natural…I AM sound. I know how to find my Light, even if I feel lost in my emotions. It’s also great to have such a support group (Soul Voice®) that everyone is willing to dive deeper.
Thank you so much Karina, for the work you do, your Love, your Trust and Faith, your Focus. Thank you for the possibility to become alive!
Lucia van Koppen, The Netherlands

The second level of the Soul Voice® allowed me to go into the depth of myself and I come back full of strength and my two legs standing on the floor. I became conscious of how important it was for me to set healthy boundaries and I realized that many situations in my life became unclear and made me suffer, because I took the feelings and the experiments of others like a sponge, and therefore couldn't decide any more who and what I actually was... and like this I could be manipulated and was a ball in their game. This is over now.
Now the feeling is growing of how proud I am of myself, the way I am and exactly where I am… and I can tell myself: I love myself. This is the biggest present of all. Heartfelt thanks for this wonderful sound-healing-work. I can only recommend warmly this journey to oneself, for everybody who wants to discover himself/herself and who would like to be committed to their life.
Rebekka Specht, Switzerland

What a powerful and wonderful instrument the voice is, and it is with me every day and night all through my life! Thank you Karina for teaching this wonderful method and for all your support, guidance and holding the energy over so many days with so many students. Gratitude also to the unique assistants who were always ready to help and support. Haere i te haere i runga i - the journey goes on.
Marianne Kaelin, Switzerland

I can now say that I have finally arrived on this planet. I feel grounded. My thinking is earth-bound and I therefore feel safe. Now that I am safe I see talking risks in a new light. I embrace risk as part of life. Life is interesting and exciting when you take a risk – emotionally, for instance when you get closer to someone. What has also changed is that I can now see my core issues clearly in front of me and it isn’t overwhelming anymore.
Markus Kitzberger, UK

Singing, sounding, shouting, making Eagle-sounds with moving like a eagle-baby: What a joy for the whole body. What a joy for the soul. What a joy for the inner child! I had the idea to climb a tree with big branches to sit on. For over an hour my inner child and I were sitting there and people were watching. Me, a 60 year old woman with white hair, sitting up in a tree. Always, when I imagine this picture I laugh and my inner child is happy.
Ruth Dinner, Switzerland

During Level 2, I realized I was self sabotaging myself and decided to let go of mental control and old images of myself ... Free Fall! At home I contracted viral bronchitis-influenza and so did all my family; what a drastic genealogical cleanse! Now I feel a wonderful sense of freedom like a rebirth. I am quietly waiting to understand who I really am & what I really want to do in my life. Everything is possible! I am deeply amazed and grateful for this indescribable experience.
Rossana Bonino, Italy


I have been attending Level 3 of the Practitioner Certification Programme and I had just found out I was three months pregnant. So I can say that WE have attended the whole course with a joy & force that was totally new and unknown for me. The grace of being pregnant together with the gift of my Voice and the Voices of my tribe gave me the determination of continuing this path through the deepest sides of myself, spirit-mind-emotions-body. With my own pace or without it, setting or not-setting my own boundaries, I am now more capable of discerning when and how much I am tired and fed up with my busy mind and daily plans. Through the voice and the therapeutic acting sessions, I allowed myself to be tired of all the garbage I was carrying. I allowed myself to see how difficult it was to me even just to say "Please, I want to stay alone a bit" or "Please, I need a rest". And now the work has just begun and what I can do is to cultivate my inner endless energy in deep respect of my timing and my needs. Knowing deeply that whatever I do and I do not do for my health and wellbeing is directly going to the sacred life that is arising inside me. Knowing that I can decide in any given moment to take responsibility for my and our joy.
Paola, Italy

PCP Level 3 has been the most magical level for me. During the two weeks we worked with such subtle, yet so powerful practices that I realized depth isn’t necessarily reached with force. It can be a gentle, yet determined journey inward and that is exactly what Level 3 has been for me. I feel more balanced, grounded and inspired and I have found a new foundation inside of myself based on trust and surrender. What a gift!
Dominique Kribben

Since I started this wonderful Soul Voice® work, the perception of my life has shifted tremendously. It seems as if so far I had moved through life and its days in a linear way. Learning to let go of control and allowing my scariest and deepest feelings to be seen and felt has led to sweet relaxation and more blissful joy than ever. The Soul Voice® method gave me the tools to deal with unhealthy patterns & challenges in an on-going conscious process.
It feels like coming home, being able to rest in myself and following the magnetic attraction, which is not linear but multidimensional. I feel truly blessed and endlessly grateful to Karina for teaching us to connect with the magic. The urge and need to give back to humanity what I’ve been receiving is growing stronger.

Veronica Bonilla, Switzerland

The Soul Voice® Practitioner Certification Programme has changed my life totally! My life changed from being directed towards the outside, into living my life from the inside – in connection with all of who I am. Soul Voice® has taken me into the depths of my being and my inner knowing. Step by step I learned to trust myself. My loneliness, my fear, my pain, it has all gotten into place. Now I have confidence and trust, to go out into the world and to manifest myself; to follow my life purpose in connection with my inner Source and Spirit. Soul Voice® helped me to find my way home to my own mastery. Thank U Karina!
Anke de Jong, The Netherlands

An invitation to discover your Soul Voice®, is a journey like no other. It is the call of the wild...the call of the lost voice, of an inner knowing...a connection to a deep sense of truth and understanding.
This pioneering method of vocal therapy draws on Karina`s extensive experiences and knowledge to bring a technique that is dynamic, utterly profound and truly life changing. As a teacher, Karina truly embodies her passion; she is compassionate, dedicated, committed and supportive of each student, way beyond the workshop hours.
If you feel the call, then I urge you to follow your heart. It will not be without challenges, it may take you to the edges of your comfort zone...but there, if you dare to tread, is another wonderful, magical world just waiting for you...just like it was and continues to be, for me.
Caroline Barnes, UK

If I look over the last 18 months ago I realise what a great journey I have had through the Soul Voice® method. It is a method in which you have to risk your life at all levels: physical, mental and emotional. It has been a complex journey in which tears, obstacles, past memories came violently into the present life but at the same time laughter, compassion and gratefulness weave to and fro.
Karina not only teaches a healing technique through the use of your own voice but she also teaches you how to look, listen, understand and honour yourself and the people near you in order to become wiser than you are. Karina is a wonderful coach who helps you discover and then develop your better qualities by overcoming your limitations.
Today all these experience have been stored into my DNA through sounds, changing in a very radical way my whole existence.
Marco Lugaresi, Italy

The voice and sound-healing training was a deeply profound experience in which I plummeted my own depths and was met with love, compassion and wisdom. My voice expanded into new dimensions, and I learned to trust the guidance and intelligence of sacred sound for both personal and planetary healing. Karina's pioneering method of vocal sonic vibration combines a vast array of experiences and modalities into a unique model that will play a major role in the necessary shift of global consciousness. This training has provided me with an in-depth foundation and broadened my vision in my calling as a composer and sound-healing practitioner.”
Wende Bartley, Canada

“Where words can’t express, sound CAN! For years I struggled to express myself freely. Through the Soul Voice® programme I have been able to access and express the aspects of my Self that were yearning to see and feel the light. I have found my calling and am responding wholeheartedly. Soul Voice® goes beyond the intellect and the mind, it takes us to our very core, our very inner knowing. It isn’t about about singing or sounding, it is about being SOUNDED. That amazing space that happens when we get out of the way and the sounds move through us, spirit moves through us. This is about being the fullest, clearest, most alive channel you can ever imagine being. Karina holds an incredible healing space for you to do this soul rocking work, as you dive into the immense depths and expanse of your being.”
Willow, New Zealand

“Karina Schelde's ‘Soul Voice®’ Sound Therapy Programme has led me along a trail towards my destination, That of Authentic Freedom. If one word could spell out the result of all the blood, sweat and tears that this work has invoked within me, it would certainly and utmostly be LIBERATION.
Thank you Karina for your love, Compassion, Strength and vigilant commitment, and for your undying support to my unfolding journey. Thank you for showing me my birthright…That of Self empowerment. You are an Angelic Warrior!”
David Warren, (Empowered Soul), New Zealand

I need to call Level 3 of PCP, the level of revelation. I felt the authenticity of my energy. I met my true essence, my true nature. I celebrated myself, and life. I cannot say it was an easy path, but a path of maximum intensity, which leads me step by step, proudly towards openness and UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. It was for me, that awareness of really feeling that I belong to something bigger, to be an important part in the global movement of energy, in which everything becomes possible! I have the consciousness of myself and an open heart. It's great, amazing, so simple and so difficult to understand through reason alone! I actually feel like clay. I feel I have a specific weight, am stable, rooted, and at the same time malleable and creative; ready to change my shape if the need arises. A wave of softness and life, the certainty that everything is really possible! Thanks Karina for all this ... and much more! Love and Compassion to all.
Carmencita, Italy

“I continue to heal my heart and soul across all time and space clearing and healing on a cellular level, distortions from this present life, other incarnations and my ancestry lineage patterns stored in the DNA. This Sacred Sound Art form “Soul Voice® Method” practitioner training as it has no bounds it will take you where you want to go and beyond right to the core revealing the truth of ones soul essence! Confronting, Joyful, Deeply touching, playful, expansive and profoundly life changing journey! I highly recommend it for Quantum leaps in ones own evolution and to connect with ones soul at the deepest level as we awaken to what it means to be a “Divine Human”!
Isha Doellgast, New Zealand

“Life changing is the best way for me to describe the Soul Voice® certification programme experience. My world has opened up hugely, both spiritually and physically. I have learned how my voice is an amazingly powerful force in my body.
Karina’s insight, magnetism and integrity produces a course full of excitement, fun, change and challenges. I will be forever grateful for this. The sounds I now find in my voice are incredible, and help me daily to become so much more of me. I am aware of and feel the power of nature much more in my life and in my healing work and I am trusting and opening up to life’s opportunities more and more. My course mates are now wonderfully loving, supportive, lifelong friends.”
Jeanette Adams, New Zealand

Level 3 was a culmination and a synthesis of all the work I had done within myself since the 5 day Advanced Sound Initiation. I took a walk one morning as the sun was rising over the Hawaii coast in a beautiful mist. I was overcome with gratitude and humility for how far this journey had taken me; through all the layers and levels, to experience my own inner Light casting itself across the horizon; and how we all deserve to feel joy within ourselves, to be fully alive and thriving on this beautiful planet and be received for all that we are. The SV practitioner training program is a priceless gift I gave myself. In making this commitment, even in moments of fear and doubt, I have experienced so much magic, manifestation, love and support in surprising ways. To anyone thinking about taking this training, if your soul resonates with this work, whatever obstacle you think is in your way - money, family, jobs, health issues - take that leap of faith!!
In my meditations since finishing Level 3, I am encouraged to go even slower and deeper in my integration. The slower I go, the more detail I can see; those tiny, precious things of joy and discovery are there gleaming and glistening, unseen in our rushing world but wanting to be found. This is our calling as Soul Voice® practitioners - to notice and give voice to that which others cannot see or hear. Courage!
Tayah Hanson, Canada

“How to put into words the magic and wonder I've experienced in Karina's hands and in her company. My experience is that she has an uncanny ability to see, to know what I need to learn or move through at any given moment. I'm inspired by her wisdom and compassion. I feel I have made a catalytic spiritual leap since having started working with Karina a year and a half ago. Karina walks her talk more than anyone I have met. Though I have completed all the trainings Karina has offered so far, I know she and I have many more years together as I know I've only scratched the surface of learning what it is she has to teach me.”
Valerie Moysey, USA

Soul Voice® has been my first exposure to sound so there were many times throughout my training where I doubted myself, felt inadequate, judged my voice & sounds, compared myself to others, etc. I continued the training amidst my resistance and self judgement knowing at some deep level of my Being that this was where I was supposed to be. It was not until level 3 that I started to respect my sounds and believe that I was indeed a sound healer. Doing this training, having Karina as my teacher, doing my documented sessions and power works has changed me forever in ways I would not have believed possible prior to undertaking this work.
The teachings are grounded and permanent and have brought aspects of ME to my awareness for acceptance and love – my light and my dark. I am getting to know who I AM and my Soul’s mission on this earth.
I now love sounding and listening to my voice and the unique sounds that come through me and I love to play and experiment with my new found voice as I express myself with these amazing sounds. I have finally realised the truth - it is not how I sound, it is the frequency, intention & freedom of my expression that is real...If you are seeking & ready to know who you are then Soul Voice® with Karina is for you. Listen to the calling deep within you.
Karina, thank you from my heart, and to the amazing Assistants – thank you.
Jenny Glover Australia

I am so grateful to Karina for the opportunity to train and certify as a Soul Voice® Practitioner. The inner call to embark on this journey was too strong to ignore – the chance to combine two of my life passions – voice and healing… MAGIC!
I have attended many and various trainings over the years – none compare to this exceptional programme. Karina is a master in intuiting exactly what is needed for the group in any given moment – I loved the way she introduced song and dance to lighten mood and shift energy after more intense, concentrated work - and to be able to do this work in the context of stunning, natural surroundings, is incredibly nurturing and healing of itself. The progression of modules through the three levels is carefully put together to build trust and momentum… the nine month gestation is Perfect!
The sacredness of the Sound Tribe Circle, the way the work demanded the encounter of self in other left no room for pretence and this cohesive group energy enabled me to trust, to feel safe and to dive deeper into myself to go beyond my personal fears and judgment. Freedom and Joy now live in their place, as Soul Voice® has re-awakened my courage to express truly Who I Am.
Tools learnt through this programme have become integrated into daily practices in my personal and professional work. I feel so blessed to now have a key that enables me to instantly penetrate my life experiences to reveal their truth and essence beyond intellectual mindsets. It is a privilege and a joy to share this incredible method with my clients, who are equally amazed at the transformation that is possible through simply taking a breath and making a sound!In Love and Deepest Gratitude.
Caroline Beazley, New Zealand

Every day another illumination comes to me. Illuminations coming from the inside rather than the outside; are blessed, loved and soaked up into my entire being and beyond. Soul Voice® has shown me how to open up and access the infinite wisdom within me.
I have learned to know things - like the more I know I love myself with unlimitedness the more I know I am the creator of my own life on this planet. The more I know that there are not mistakes only 'mis-vibrations' but are not to be judged - the more I trust to respond to all emotions with natural instinct rather than from a wounded place. The more I feel myself expand in all that is with gratitude and acceptance - the more I contain and expand my power within me. These knowings all bring an abundance of great joy shared on my own or in the company of others.
I certainly do inhabit a most magnificent planet and wherever I travel I know I contain this knowingness to guide me.
My gratitude is with the Universe in thanks for guiding me to Karina.
Stay Blessed. With Love.
Rosemary Warburton, New Zealand

Thank you to Karina and Soul Voice® for an amazing journey! This is the most grounding course I have ever done. Level One, brought me back into my body. Level Two allowed me to come out of numbness and truly feel my feelings and embrace the parts of myself that I was denying. Level Three bought my masculine & feminine into balance and I am softer and more truly who I am.
Lisa McVinnie, Australia

To have taken the Soul Voice® Practitioners training has been an indescribable step and journey for me. I have learned how to feel my feelings - to allow, accept and express them. I feel myself now. I have learned that I am a free and beautiful woman, who is allowed to say what she wants and to follow her heart. My self worth and self confidence has drastically changed. I am here on planet Earth with love and joy, I know and use my abilities and talents - they no longer need to be hidden. They finally get shared - with love - and in gratitude. I no longer need to run and hide - and I overcame my blockage in singing - so now I really sing ! - even together with other musicians. What a joy! I follow my sound-path with joy and love - I say YES to it, I say YES to myself. I can YES to life now. I am ready to face my fears, to allow them to be here. Every time I go through, I fall into the unknown. I have found savety in a place where I was scared to look at before. I learned to love the free falling - into the unknown - unlimited possibilities - possibilities I would have never thought of come into my life. I am not scared to fall anymore - as I have learned that it is an experience - no more and no less. I am walking through life with different footprints. I AM ALIVE ! I am connected - under all circumstances - at any time. I learn that I am the creator of my life. I allow to have nourishing and enriching relationships. There is not enough words to say how much I am thankful for this opportunity and this gift. How deep it touches and moves me and how massive the transformations are - and are to be continued I know. Thank you. Much love and gratitude.
Romana Kolesis-Iby, Germany

I have been searching for years in myself and outside myself- but could not find rest or the answer...then I met Sound-healing!!! and Karina and the group energy and deep support. It has been painful and sometimes fear has come up...like " oh oh today I have to work with this experience- I don’t want to- I don’t dare" But when I had found my partner to work with...the breathing and Sound lead the way...and my mind could not take over anymore. Sound is the key to peace and love. No doubt I am still integrating step by step, and have been very vulnerable in every way...every side of me...so the journey has just begun and its like- there is no way back. Thank you Karina..for spreading the teaching and for being so competent. Love from...”
Yasmin Steenholdt, Denmark

“Karina’s practitioner programme is teaching me how to REALLYLIVE!! As I resolve and release old patterns and limitations I am moving into my own power with no more excuses, blaming or hiding. I am still rather afraid of the enormity of this power yet know that it is real. There is deep compassion and love in this work that really has the potential to heal humanity, the planet and beyond… I feel as though I have come home. I feel great humility and gratitude. LIFE IS AWESOME!!”
Linda Duff, UK

As I reflect back over the last year and all that has transpired in my life as a result of completing The Soul Voice® Practitioner Training, I feel a deep sense of gratitude. It has been a journey of unravelling, cleansing, re-discovering and honouring of my true (real, authentic) self.
Karina’s ability to hold and guide a group through deeply transformational processes is awesome. The structure of her Soul Voice® program allows for individual differences and encourages authenticity on all levels. My heart has softened, my perspective has broadened and my soul feels freer than I can ever remember. Thank you Karina, from deep in my heart, for the powerful work that you dare to do for this planet and it’s people.”
Donna Rachel Corry, New Zealand

If I look back over the last year of my life I realize that so many changes have happened that I hardly recognize myself. I am more alive, healthy, joyous, strong, grounded, connected, determined, conscious of my power and thankful. Thankful to Karina who shook me up, turned me upside down, pushed me as far as I could go and then urged me to go further. I have explored unknown parts of my body, unknown emotions (or well known ones hidden deep in my unconscious) and unknown facets of my soul, and I learnt how my own voice could guide me into wildest experience of my life.
I am also thankful to my husband who unexpectedly decided to take the ride with me and allowed our relationship to grow stronger as the path was getting harder. He too was uncovering and discovering at the same time his most hidden talents....And finally I am thankful to myself because I had the courage to look into my soul overcome my prejudices, my deepest fears, my eternal insecurity, my uncertainties, my feeling of guilt and my sense of inadequacy. I had the strength to bury what was to be left behind and to uncover the gemstone that is my potential. I had the intuition that whatever happened was for the good and for once in my life I wildly trusted my intuition instead of brooding over my “shall I”, “it would be better if..”
If I look back over the last year of my life I realize how I have been very wise because I took the chance to make a ‘quantum leap’ and I could only do what I did because I always felt supported by Karina, her careful assistants and the Soul Voice® tribe. I have always felt safe, protected and encouraged and this is very important because I could allow myself such a deep change in my whole being by feeling there was always a safe harbour where my boat could be welcomed and sheltered.
Viria Romagnoli, Italy

“A deep bowl. Thoughts. Blockages. Illness. Change. Sound Healing. Diving into the deepest sounds and crying into the highest frequencies. Releasing the power. Going on. In exchange. In devotion. Living. To manifest the vocation. I am grateful, Karina, for your wonderful guidance, I always felt safe. Your support, your confrontation, your openness. Your enthusiasm. Your love. This education is a big gift for life and a way to peace! Thanks!”
Miriam Helle, Switzerland

After Level 3, I feel I need to go really slowly in silence and calm in order to integrate all the great work. The reprogramming was very important to me; I felt the power of this new awareness. It was very intense. My body moves in a different way, it has changed the way I feel my body. I discovered more of my body’s power and that it is an important vehicle for my feelings. Another very important thing was the discovery and integration of my masculine side. I now feel my feminine side wants to meet the masculine in balance. These days I have time to listen to me. My plans to continue this Soul Voice® work are real. I feel that this commitment brings a little fear, but at the same time I feel a great excitement to test myself and my skills and potential in this wonderful journey. The experience in the English language was great. I feel less scared when communicating with others, even though I still have much work to do. Listening to others is one of my qualities but I want to learn how to give myself fully and to let them know who I really am. I experienced more profoundly the large presence of Karina; her centering, her great compassion, her love and presence and her high level of knowledge. She is a great example of enormous humility and generosity. Through her encouragement, she gave me confidence. Now I feel I have more confidence in my ability and that I have great power and with my big heart I can show it and provide it, for the good of the Universe. I am really very grateful for being able to live this wonderful experience, this journey into the Soul Voice® that is not finished yet, it seems to me that it is indeed the beginning of much more.
With infinite gratitude and love
Gabriella, Italy

Like the first and second levels of the Soul Voice® Practitioner Training Programme, Level 3 was deep, very intense and magnificent! Turned back home, I found again what I had left. Now I am different. I feel much better and my my integration is slowly going on.The sensation is that of a balance; on one side I clearly see what I want and I often manifest it, on the other side I feel a new softness, like a caterpillar in its cocoon: the 'old' is going away – the 'new' is coming out!
Rossana Bonino, Italy

Level 3 has been a fantastic and fabulous experience for me. I still cannot even imagine the outcome of all the seeds I have planted. It was such a profound journey! I have travelled through so many layers in myself and have a bigger understanding than ever before of my power, my sensitivity, and my purpose in this life. Every day I am still surprised about the healing possibilities and power of our voice and I feel so grateful that I can manifest this great work in my life.
Leonieke Niessen, The Netherlands

Level 3 was s very big challenge for me. I managed it and I am proud and happy. I came home to myself. I learned to surrender and do it effortless. In this way my power seems endless. The seats of gratefulness, satisfaction, trust into my power and myself, loving care, and more, grows in me. It's like waking up more and more and take responsibility. Hearfelt thanks to all who guided me on my way!
Mechthild Rotzetter, Switzerland


The Supervision seminar was the most touching and transforming week because I was ready, and so it felt easy to go through this process. Two years ago I started the PCP training to find my new vocation. In the Supervision seminar I got confirmation that I have found it. The sign was incredible! For the first time I felt really connected to my colleagues. In this group I felt deep trust and acceptance. No judgement or comparing. Each one of us was just right, exactly how and where he or she was. I am grateful to my colleagues, the assistants and especially to Karina! This training is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and that is given to us! My heart is full gratitude!
Mechthild, Switzerland

SUPERVISION gave me the most challenging and satisfying experience I ever had with the Soul Voice® Method. The work was, as usual, very intense & deep and I really felt the importance of MY TRIBE.
I was deeply understood without using words. I found the importance of the tribe to let myself go, to feel and to experience the real surrendering. I had the opportunity of feeling how to experience the “free fall” with gentleness towards myself, always respecting my rhythm and who I am. I found out the beauty of being in my center and in my power with no fear!
At the end of the week I had the strong image of myself reaching the top of a mountain; from here I can see everything I’ve done to reach this point. I can see & feel the whole of the PCP much more clearly than before! I have changed a lot after SUPERVISION. The depth of my sessions with clients, my voice has changed, the sounds in me are so different now. Also in my life I am feeling a lot of transformation, more awareness of my boundaries and I am much clearer in my choices. Sometimes I feel like a laser light; very clear, focused & centered with grace and gentleness.

Paola Riccobon, Italy

'I have been freed from pain and discomfort in my hips that has existed for over 20 years all thanks to my Sound Tribe and the transformational release work I undertook with Karina's amazing guidance.
The transformation in my body physically has been astounding since I began learning Karina's method over 2½ years ago. Not only has my body transformed, the circumstances in my life have changed drastically. It is as if I ponder things that I would like in my life and they materialise. People have come into my world that are adding to my personal and professional success, I have better relationships, increased listening skills and as a singer my voice has deepened. I notice a much richer connection with my audience. I am also speaking up for myself and setting clear boundaries about what is ok for me and what is not. I no longer have a 'pleasing drama' that often meant I compromised what I needed to keep others happy. I am grounded, I walk slowly and I have total, loving and abundant trust that I am meant to be on this planet and I am supported by the Universe. Many people comment on my energy, how positive I am and how much they feel 'healed' and uplifted even if we only have a brief time together. Thank you, Karina. I am free from anxiety and I am passing all that I can onto others in my own work as a dance teacher and entertainer.'
Priscilla Tonkin, Australia

Supervision was an extraordinary experience for me .. .a big leap forward with sweetness and intensity. I completely connected to my heart and understood and felt my real power . I've done so many things on personal development, but I believe that Soul Voice is the  most transformative and  powerful method I've ever done. I loved seeing Karina moved to tears.  When she shows this sweetness, it is so beautiful and true.
Gianluca Franchini, Italy

Dear Karina, I want to thank you with my whole heart for this amazing deep week. I really feel I have gone through huge transformations, again. In the first week at home, I really felt I had to go slow. Baby step by baby step. One of the biggest things for me is that I realized that everybody is unique! There is just no comparison. It is very touching to realize and to feel that.
One of my issues is about more and more coming out into the world with all of who I am. Unconsciously this has always been very scary for me. I did already two performances for my family (part of my homework) and it is great and so liberating. It brings me so much! For me personally, and also in the relationship with my husband and my kids. So great to be able to connect with the little playful inner child in myself and thereby in others too. Other changes I noticed are: I feel much stronger & grounded in my skills as a Soul Voice Practitioner. A lot of doubt and judgement towards myself and my practice is gone. I am ready now to receive many more clients. After this Supervision week, I have the feeling I can “handle” any issue. My bodytalk has become stronger & much more precise and direct. I dare to act & speak more freely in the presence of close family & friends. I stand more on “my own legs” and my voice sounds so much deeper.
Thank You Soooo much Karina, for your great work, teachings, help and support!
Anke de Jong, The Netherlands

I have just returned home from Karina's Supervision and Continued Education Workshop and, once again, I have gone to a whole new level in my personal development. A Quantum Leap indeed! The exercises and individual supervision took me to the very core of my deepest patterns and blocks and through the other side to a deep sense of acceptance, surrender and love. The physical exercises that Karina incorporates, along with the energies of power animals have supported the shifts in me with strong grounding and embodiment. I have a much stronger sense of Karina's gifts and the depth of the wisdom she is bringing through in The Soul Voice work. It has further deepened my commitment to myself, my beloveds, humanity and the planet. The love and support of the incredible Sound Tribe is a source of great strength and inspiration to me. This is simply extraordinary work, that is bringing deep transformation to the planet. I feel deeply blessed to be a part of it
Linda Duff, United Kingdom

Supervision for me was the completion of a very intense 2 year training and growth process. Supervision allowed me to witness myself deeply & clearly, and in particular during my rite of passage. Months later I continue to receive clarity of old patterns & behaviours, and at times as if by magic there is subtle yet powerful healing of my ancestral lineage as the layers of illusion continue to shift within me creating profound changes in my consciousness.
I loved how I was fully supported and accepted to be and feel whoever I was in each moment, and whatever was presenting from deep within my psyche. This allowed various memories and sub-personalities to be revealed, to play out, call out, to be heard, to be seen & be free from suppression & judgement. All of this has created for me a greater self acceptance, self love and sense of power. I love getting to know who I really AM.
I have immense faith and trust in my powerful teacher Karina and because of this she has literally "rocked my inner world" with her Divine Alchemy.
Jenny Glover, Australia

Being "present" finally in my body, to express myself in all my potential and with what I am really called to do NOW.
During the PCP I was sometimes full of self restrictions, opposition, doubts...but only during the supervsion I did declare to myself to accept my true calling, my true nature.
All the pain, suffering, contradictions in the "old" me, are transformed fully. Now I am reborn and I walk on this planet with new eyes, new heart, new feet...like a child!
Salvatore, Italy

Every time attending at new level in the Soul Voice programme, I have been thinking: "is it possible to go any deeper? Is it possible to expand more, to understand more, to feel, hear and see more?" Leaving my home in September to go to Hof de Planis for the Supervision & Continued Education course, I had that question inside me again. I had no idea what was going to happen, all I knew was, that I was thrilled with going to see part of my Soul Voice family again.
I tell you, dear ones! This course was magnificent. So very, very deepening. The process was so deep, that not untill now, I understand how deep this process has been. I have had a very long and difficult time of integration – 3 months, actually – and only af few days ago, I really understood what the work on the course had really done for me.
With this testimony I want to say to you all: accept the time that your body and your system needs to integrate and ground any process, you are in during your Soul Voice work. Cherish your faith deep in your heart during the hard times of integration, it will pass if you choose You. I'm so very grateful for this evolution and I cannot recommend this Supervision & Continued Education enough.
Birgitte Helena Winther, Denmark.

What I have experienced in my training as a Soul voice Practitioner is that every human being, has the right to  be  seen  and heard. Soul voice ® is a way for me to connect  to my deepest layers, my deepest vibrations; a great discovery of being who I am, without judgment. I am human. I express my emotions & take responsibility. I am aware. This is what Soul Voice gives me, a completely changed life. I am very grateful!
Ans  Jong Dudink, The Netherlands

The supervision week was an amazing and eclectic mix of profound and ever deepening understandings, realisations, shifts and changes. The rites of passages provided such possibilities as we really understood what it was to reach into the unknown, to stand on the edge and truly voice those parts of ourselves with the absolute joy of feeling so well supported by all. Since this time my heart has expanded and I feel propelled into and by the universe to share myself and all I have come here to do. The supervision week really is a truly wonderful and ever deepening gift we can give to ourselves and those that are drawn to work with us.
Caroline Barnes, United Kingdom

Supervision for me was an integral part of my Soul Voice journey. It was a completion and in so many ways a beginning; a solid platform from which to dive and take flight into the next new stage. I reclaimed my buried treasure; I have a stronger sense of my own unique way and rhythm and I can TRUST in this, in me! The freedom this brings makes me laugh with joy.
Kathryn Santospirito, Australia

The Supervision workshop was for me an incredible journey to my true inner knowing and to free my Soul voice. Clearing old patterns that were not serving my highest good any longer, and releasing fears & judgements through the vibration of sounds, lead me to an inner void. From there I was able to remember, to connect with my ancestors, to hear the voice of the Masters that walked the path before me, to love myself and to allow myself just to be. I am deeply grateful to Karina for holding the sacred space as a healer and teacher.
Marianne Comtesse, Switzerland

Being present for Supervision has been a very powerful and heart-warming experience. I explored very deep and ancient spaces within myself. I shed light years of old, stuck feelings and I truly embraced all of who I am – a magnificent, loving, innocent, tender and joyful being! AND, all of this took place with the total love & support of Karina and my Soul Voice colleagues. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be part of such a magical and transformative process.
Elizabeth Salna, Australia