Meet Soul Voice® Founder, Karina Schelde, in a Soul Voice® Experience Seminar
South Africa, Brazil & Paraguay

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An intensive & life-transforming workshop


free the untapped power of your voice

“There is a cry, a call deep within our hearts that wants to be heard. We long for the liberation of our voice and of our soul, to rediscover the grandeur of who we truly are, as a force of the highest vibration and creation”. Karina 


Dive deeply into the voice you may have forgotten but your soul remembers…

This seminar, open to everyone with no experience necessary, is about being the fullest, clearest, most alive channel you can ever imagine being . It will bring you back to your authentic self and potential by exploring your emotions and your voice' creative expressions in order to navigate the challenging and unknown inner terrains.

Who is this seminar for:

  • For those who want to find their voice in life literally and figuratively.
  • For anyone who seeks to express from their authentic heart and gut feelings.
  • For those who are interested in living life to its fullest potential and be present to the now.
  • For all people who work with their voice and who long to free and share their innate voice

In this seminar, you will:

  • Free your creative expression as well as your whole being by challenging your limits.
  • Become confident in your spontaneity; listen and speak from the heart as you strengthen your vocalisation and communication skills.
  • Develop your ability to release hurt feelings through sounding and pure expression by letting the inner child’s honesty and vulnerability guide you.
  • Raise your confidence levels and self esteem both in personal and professional contexts.
  • Discover your voice’s unique spiritual resonance, healing abilities and intuitive knowingness.
  • Open up to touch the very core of your being, with passion, playfulness and enthusiasm.

“Karina's unwavering ability to hold a magnificent container for the group, while working very intimately with each & every student, creates the space where people come to the deepest part of themselves; and leads you to finding your voice in life, both literally and figuratively.”

Working individually, in pairs, and with the group, you are guided through powerful exercises in this predominantly experiential journey. Sharing in pairs or small groups is incorporated to ground your processes, transformations, and insights.

“I have been taking sessions with a psychologist for 3 years, however in this Soul Voice® Experience workshop I discovered something I could never imagine was possible. I met myself in my essence in a completely new way, in a higher vibration. The experience of meeting the power of myself was truly unbelievable. I was not on 'drugs' - only using the magic power of my own voice! Thank you so much Karina for coming to Brazil and showing us your incredible medicine.”;

Marcela de Sa, Rio de Janeiro
…”I cannot recall being so challenged to step outside of my comfort zone so often… yet witnessing how I did it anyway, time and again. The result was transcendence from some very old places within myself that I only thought wAS possible using plant medicines; such was the potency of my experience. I recommend that you seriously consider joining Karina, the investment is nothing compared to the richness of the experience...Oh, I can sing now too.” 

Andy Bolle, Bali

“I was actively looking for a vocal coach when I got a text message that Karina was teaching in Bali. And, wow. I couldn't have been more surprised by the transmutation that occurred in her Soul Voice® workshop. With Karina's guidance and support, I was able to release some very old, unconscious wounds. I could actually see, in my body, the emotions and trauma that had been holding me back as a performer. I thought all I needed was singing lessons! Ha ha!!”
Skid More, Bali