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Toronto - Canada

Wendelin Bartley
Through the Soul Voice® method, I will guide you in the awakening of your voice as you unlock your creative essence with an exquisite tapestry of sounds. An awakened voice supports you in reaching your highest creative potential and gives you valuable tools to create energetic shifts in your own life and in the healing of the world.

Phone: 1-416-656-4507
E-mail: wbartley@interlog.com
Web: www.awakeningyourvoice.com/

Toronto - Canada

Ruth Danziger
The deep vibrations of vocal sound allow your being to unwind from its core. Your sounds and mine will take you on a uniquely personal journey. As you explore soundscapes that have been unknown or unused, your voice and contributions flow out in the world with open awareness, creativity and the full human resonance that you discover.

Phone: 416-972-6313
E-mail: rdanziger@ca.inter.net

New Brunswick - Canada

Tayah Osâwâ Lanteigne
In my voice, I hear the call of my soul to embody the highest human expression I am with compassion & reverence. Heart open and arms extended, I invite you to explore this potent medicine and unhinge the doors to your transformation & manifestation.
Unleash your inner soundscape, your unique and authentic voice! Dare to be vulnerable, to hear and express your depths and be witnessed! Are you ready to leap? Prepare to fly! Take my hand.

Phone: 1-506-261-9344
E-mail: tayahh@gmail.com
Web: www.tayahh.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/soundplaytherapeutics/


Chicago area, IL - USA

Muriel Reymond
Let's dive to the core of our being...together...through our most powerful instrument: our voice. I am here to guide you, to help you reconnect with your vulnerability, your innocence, your joyous and spontaneous inner child, your body, your humanity, your spirit! Let's be explorers of our inner sounds, our silence, our vibrational memory... Let's unveil the Truth of what and who we really are!

Phone: 1 708 629 9500
E-mail: info@murielreymond.com
Web: www.murielreymond.com