Telepathic sound healing

Murielle Reymond, USA: 

On Delphine’s 37th birthday I initiated her with a Soul Voice session. Delphine felt a deep feeling of failure, of having no purpose in her life. She felt profoundly wounded in her heart. In addition, she recently … Read the rest

Body wisdom & the unknown

Isha Doellgast, Hawaii: 

My partner was experiencing extreme swelling and pain in the right lymph near the ear. He had tried a lot of different alternative therapies. I offered him an exploratory sound healing session. I asked him to tune … Read the rest

Going through the layers

Chad Beckett, Australia: 

Richardt had recently broken up with what he thought was the love of his life which had left him distraught, unable to sleep and thinking about her all the time.
In previous sessions we had worked with … Read the rest

Sound and ancient remembrance

Debi Lloyd, New Zealand: 

Amanda was a renowned professional singer and musician who played the flute like magic and had an angelic singing voice. I called her the Pied Piper as her youthful energy, enthusiasm and laughter — fused with … Read the rest

Sexual abuse release

Ulla Maglekilde Jerrebo, Denmark: 

Susan had severe abuse issues. She had distanced herself from real life and had a lack of self-worth. She had tried many healing methods, including going to psychologists, but still she felt severely out of balance. … Read the rest