Birthing with sound 2

Willow, New Zealand

By the time that I arrived at R’s birth she had been in labour for what had felt like a lifetime to her. She was exhausted and was lost as to what to do from here.  The … Read the rest

Healing the land with sound

Linda Duff, United Kingdom

I was attending a gathering of an ancient, peace-loving people of Aotearoa New Zealand. A large group of us walked onto the headland at the mouth of the great Hokianga Harbour. The elder women called us … Read the rest

I became a believer

Raya Klotz, Germany

A life-changing experience happened in my very first sound healing workshop weekend. I was physically in bad shape and in great pain. Six months prior to the workshop I had a bad back injury, could barely walk, … Read the rest

Moving beyond limits

Cheryl Middleton, Australia: 

I have been working with Sally, 72 years young, in a series of Soul Voice sessions. She has a history of overworking as a massage therapist and taking care of others at the expense of her own … Read the rest

Positive reprogramming

Joyce Hellendoorn, The Netherlands: 

I have been delighted to give sessions to my partner, who writes and sings his own songs and who wishes to become a professional musician. Four years ago he lost his wife and decided to stop … Read the rest